A little more Meander

Facebook has changed the interface again. I don't think anyone told me they were going to do that. Admittedly, I'm not on there enough to see and hear everything that goes on, but I don't think they told too many people these changes were coming.

Would have been nice, FB.

The furnace went out yesterday. It got down to 58 degrees in the house. I came home from work and called the furnace guy (doesn't everyone have one?) and he hustled over in a couple of frigid hours and after an hour of dickin' around we discovered there wasn't anything wrong with the furnace (which would have been covered under warranty) but that there was a loose wire in the switch that turns the furnace on and off. It took a while to figure that out - thus the expense.

I love heat. I now, officially, HATE cold.

We are doing some cleanup and stuff on The Inferno (applet, upper right) and the site is cleaner, easier to navigate and no where near as confusing as it was. Visit, sometime.

I am trying to figure out my rewrite for Sarah - so you'll forgive me, I'm sure, for the brevity of this post.




Jientje said...

Facebook did not tell me either. I don't like the new interface at all. I tried to get to a friends page and could not find it? Very confusing.
Oh and of course you're forgiven. Stay warm Lou!

Joyce-Anne said...

I don't like the new FB home page at all! Just sayin'

PattiKen said...

I've been smugly watching my family and friends groan about the new FB interface, while still enjoying the old one. Today, mine switched over. Bah. Don't they know I don't learn new technology so easily anymore???

LceeL said...

Where'd everybody go?

Jientje: I do NOT like the new FB look and feel.

Joyce-Anne: Say it LOUD!!!

PattiKen: Me, either.

Hyphen Mama said...

Um, my FB "says" it's changed but I don't notice much of a difference. I guess that means it's going to smack me in the face when I least expect it and it's going to annoy me no end. Great.

Nan Sheppard said...

Keep warm! 58 is waaaay tooo coooolld for inside! Or even outside!

Momisodes said...

Facebook is the devil.


And we definitely need a furnace guy. Losing heat is my biggest fear every winter. Especially since our fireplace does nothing to warm up the room.

Life with Kaishon said...

The new facebook isn't bothering me too much. I can't believe how much it is bothering some people though. I think it is because we are all such habits of creature and familiarity. Different and new things scare us. After a while I am sure we will love the new facebook. And just about the time we do, well, it will change again : ). That is life. Ever changing : )