Friday Haiku - Seventeen

Haiku Friday

Seventeen Syll'bles
is all one is alloted
to write an Haiku.

It's hard to do that
to state your heart and mind in
Seventeen Syll'bles.

I going to have to
find an easier form of



moneythoughts said...

Yes, I agree, but you are good at it too.

PattiKen said...

Love this! You are so clever.

Joyce-Anne said...

You are (and always will be) a haiku master.

Miss Ash said...

In high school, I dreaded Haikus.
You are good at coming up with them!

(note, my comment is 17 syllables. I don't know how to make it 5/7/5 though.)

calicobebop said...

But you're so good at Haiku! :)

CaraBee said...

I don't know, I'd say
That is an effective way
To express yourself

(worst haiku EVER)

Tara R. said...

You are so good with haiku.

LceeL said...

To All: I love you guys. All I can say is "Thank you."

Gina said...

I love love LOVE haikus! Good job!