100 Word Challenge - Thirty

Please notice the feature, new to Blogger, I have implemented in the upper right hand corner. It's "Pages". The applet, which I have entitled (for now) "The Marketplace", has two links. One takes you to a static page of information - in this case, prints for sale, and the other link takes you back here. Simple. Quick. Easy. The next page I'm planning is a page where one can bring up every Haiku post or every 100 Word Challenge I've done. And every photo I've published. Stuff like that.

What follows is in response to hte 100 Word Challenge authored by the youngish Velvet Verbosity. The Word today is "Thirty".

100 Word Challenge

The Old Man vs Youth

"Whatcha lookin' at, Pops?"
"Pops? Who are you calling 'Pops'?"
"You, old man. Who'dja think?"
"So? Whatcha lookin' at?"
"You got taste, Old Man, but she ain't gonna look at chew."
"How do you know she 'ain't gonna look at me'?"
"'Cause you are OLD, man. Damn. Are you stupid, too?"
"Boy, if I was younger I would kick your ass. Might anyway."
"Bring it on, Greybeard. I got YOUR ass covered."
"Nah. Your Daddy'd sue me for sure."
"That's right. He would. Can't hit a kid, man. Just how old are you, Old Man?"
"Me? I'm Thirty."

Ah the 'age of invisibility' keeps slipping backwards. Oh well. I was supposed to publish a photo of my iTouch in its 'Red Grippy Case' because a certain reader just bought an iPhone and it's Red. And she published a photo. But I've run out of time for posting and it's time to wrap this up - so I will publish the promised photo tomorrow. Promise.



Jientje said...

Old man? At age thirty? Oh dear. I guess I'm one foot in the grave at my age then eh?

Tara R. said...

I used to cringe whenever someone call'ed me ma'am. Now, I figure at my age, I've earned it.

Big Mark 243 said...

That was cute... a nice scene that shows the maturity of both young men (I can say that... I am 42!!)

moneythoughts said...

Thirty? Old? Look at all the men and women serving our country in the military who are over thirty. The short story makes its point. We still have one quarterback still playing in the NFL at age 40! With better care and meds, who knows how old we can live to be.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Imagine - at 30 I was unmarried and childless - and NOW look at me!

Mags said...

This reminds me of the time I asked my niece "Rye Bread" if I could be her best friend. Not wanting to hurt my feelings, she thought hard about it and reluctantly said, "Um...how OLD are you?"

She was 4.

Tuli said...

Great story!

Indigo said...

I remember thinking 30 was old and wondering if I would live that long. Almost 15 years later. I'm thinking someone in their 100's is what old is (winks). What? It worked bypassing 30. At this rate I'll make a 100.

I once read a story about a woman that was 107 and she beat the heck out of her mugger with her purse. She was knocked sideways and her walker stolen. That fiesty little old lady still said, she would do it again in a heartbeat. I swore then I would be 107. I want to be that woman. Fearless at her age.(Hugs)Indigo

PattiKen said...

What got me was when people in positions of authority kept getting younger. I mean, they're supposed to older and wiser, aren't they? First, it was one of my kids' teachers. Then a policeman, doctor, lawyer and Indian chief. The really kicker was when the President of the US was younger. I figured it was official then.

calicobebop said...

I honestly never thought I'd make it to 30 - but here I am, five years later. Go figure!

Joyce-Anne said...

With today's trends, maybe the thirty year-old guy could catch the eye of an older woman.

Honeybell said...

LOL, I was 22 when I developed a crush on a 56 year old guy! Let that be a lesson to the youngun's: Never underestimate the power of the silver fox!

Velvet Verbosity said...

Ha! When my kids were younger, they would talk about me being too "old" to understand anything, and I would blink in shock. Me? Old? I was still getting used to the idea that I was a grown up at all, never mind "old".

It's a tragedy that the body betrays us so soon when we still feel young.

LceeL said...

Jientje: And I'm further in than that.

Tara R: I'd rather call you "Sweetheart".

Big Mark 243: And I'm 64.

Moneythoughts: It depends on your perspective.

Mrs F with 4: Gorgeous.

Mags: Obviously old beyond her years.

Tuli: Thank you, Tuli.

Indigo: Somehow, I know you will be.

PattiKen: Yeah, ain't it the truth?

Calicobebop: And cute, too.

Joyce-Anne: Ah - but when you get to MY age, the last thing you want is to get cougared by an older woman.

Honeybell: Oh, baby!!

Velvet Verbosity: I'm still wondering what I'm going to be like when I grow up.

Anonymous said...

You had me guessing all the way to the end as to which man was gonna be 'thirty'. Nice!

Until I met Chef Jeff, I had a working theory that no man under the age of 50 knew how to properly appreciate the best quality in a woman- her mind.

He changed mine super-quick.