Monday Meanders 12-7

There is to be some snow today. UGH. When you drive 43 miles one way to work, it's just UGH.

The 'Holiday Hoopla Giveaway' is due to start at Mommycosm today. I am donating an 11x14 print of 'Nobody's Home' in a 16x20 frame. It is depicted on an easel in a corner of my studio in the very bad picture below:

Denver just got snow and they're looking at more snow today. Of course, Denver gets buried in snow fairly regularly - here, not so much.

I have to put the lawn mower in the shed - and I have to fill it with gas, first. Which means when I get home from work, I have to work outside, in the dark, in the cold, in the yard. Someday, I'm going to live in a large condo.

The Bears won yesterday. Of course, they beat the 1 and 10 Rams. Somehow, the feeling of accomplishment that normally accompanies a Win - is lost. When does Spring Training start?

I am working my way up to starting a painting for the challenge due in the middle of January on The Artist Challenge. The challenge is "Turbulence".



Jientje said...

Yikes for snow. Snow on the way to work is horrible and the problem is, there is probably going to be more, the winter has just started.
Just be careful on the road, okay?

When does Spring start?

Tara R. said...

I don't envy your snow. Try to stay warm and dry.

Nan said...

I don't commute any moooore! *dance of joy!*

moneythoughts said...

Yes, take it easy driving to work. They don't pay you enough to die for the job.

That is a nice photography and I am sure the person that gets it will really like it and enjoying looking at it.

I am curious about The Artist Challenge, I may take a look.

Shadow said...

i get your point, but for someone who never gets snow as in centrimetres thick, i'd love it!

Ashlie- Mommycosm said...

The Holiday Hoopla has begun:)

Here is the link to the Nobody's Home giveaway in case you would like to enter:

Nobody's Home

Joyce-Anne said...

A little snow is ok, a lot of snow...yuck!

Grandmother said...

Maybe I shouldn't tell you that it was sunny and 56 degrees in our part of Italy today. The mountains in the distance were clear and beautiful covered in snow. And I do live in a condo and highly recommend it!

Collette said...

We only got a few flurries today in Michigan. We're due to get snow tomorrow night but it's supposed to turn to rain by morning, so hopefully, our commute won't be too bad. Be careful out there. Winter with snow really is no fun after living in it forever. I think a condo in a warm, tropical place sounds fabulous right now!

Hyphen Mama said...

Life is funny. I used to drive to work in 6-12" of snow every single day. With a 2 wheel drive Honda. Up hill both ways--okay, not really, only uphill on the way there. Today? 5" of snow, 9 degrees and I refuse to go to the grocery store 1 mile away in my 4 wheel drive SUV. Life is funny.

I love you, Lou. Just been living with my head in rectal storage.

LceeL said...

Jientje: I will be very careful on the road - promise.

Tara R: There was a time when cold and snow didn't bother me, but 'warm and dry' is my anthem, now.

Nan: The one thing that REALLY surprised me about Trinidad was the horrible traffic.

Moneythoughts: Yes, Fred. Please do.

Shadow: For a while, you might - but it gets old, quick.

Ashlie: And I hope everybody goes there!!!

Joyce-Anne: Absolutely.

Grandmother: No - you can tell me - that doesn't mean I'm not jealous.

Collette: Yeah. Someplace warm.

Hyphen Mama: Thank you, Hyphen. The feeling is mutual.

NicoleB Egypt said...

Snow sounds nice(For an afternoon or so to let the dogs play in it ;) )

Perplexio said...

My Browns are now 1-11. Their 1 win was against Buffalo 6-3 and I believe did far more to set the entire NFL back about 5-10 years than it did to help the Browns gain any self respect.

melissa said...

we haven't gotten any snow yet, here in my part of michigan. i hear that parts of mi are about to get slamblasted. i'm thankful that we aren't included in that. i would hate to have a snow day and be stuck home with kids.

CaraBee said...

The framed photo looks truly excellent! That will be one lucky winner.

Ugh, 43 miles. Each way? Double ugh. That's one think I don't miss about working: the commute. Especially in bad weather. Marylanders are especially timid drivers in even the lightest of bad weather. It's maddening.

Myst_72 said...

That looks brilliant framed Lou - well done :)


Momisodes said...

I am so dreading winter. I really hope the snowfall this year will be nothing like it was last year!

Miss Ash said...

No no noooooo! We don't get buried in Denver fairly regularly. Maybe once a year, regularly... this year has just been awfully snowy so far. Which makes me cringe, especially since our wettest, heaviest snow month is often March.

Life with Kaishon said...

It looks so wonderful! WOW! I hope you garnished a lot of bids!