Party day today

I am off to a party at the home of the lovely and vivacious Linda, of The Random Memorandum. She is having a little blogger meetup and my son and I are going. LM can't go - she's busy. But #3 son will go just because I asked him to.

I have noticed a big drop in statistics on Saturday and Sunday since I started publishing Sarah on the weekends. For those of you who have been reading her, know that I am not going to stop. Today is a day off for Sarah, but she'll be back tomorrow and at least one day of most upcoming weekends. I just need a little time to get further ahead in the story.

Short post today.

But that don't mean that I don't love ya.



Jientje said...

We love ya too!!!
I'm a daily visitor, whatever you post, and I love the Sarah story. I'm not going anywhere! I hope you had fun at the party!

NicoleB said...

Love ya too & Sarah as well.
Have a great time out there!

Tara R. said...

Have fun at your meet up. Nice of you to give Sarah a day off too.

moneythoughts said...

Short posts are good too. Do it myself at times.

MissyBoo said...

That's because I read Sarah in my reader :)

Nan said...

If school just started for many kids, that might explain your sudden weekend drop in hits. The mamas are run off their feet!