Wordless Wednesday - It Was Chilly

SWMBO & #3 Son

January 2, 2004

In London (no, seriously)
The Day Before Going Home


Jientje said...

It's hard to believe that's only five years ago. He still looks like a kid here and look at him now!

Patsy said...

The memories -- I've been spending too much time here lately looking at photos both reacent and past, I love seeing how the family has changed.
I want to go back to England!

calicobebop said...

Oooo! How lovely! You're making me want to go back to Europe!

Cat said...

Was it fall there? Winter coats and all!

Does it always rain in London or is that just in the movies?

Hyphen Mama said...

Yeah, what Jientje said!

NicoleB said...

Perfect shot to show of the Beauty of London,.... *snicker*

M+B said...

Oh it looks sooo cold

Eric S. said...

Looks a tad chilly, but I could go for some coolness right now. I bet England was fun.

LceeL said...

Jientje: We ALL look different that we did five years ago.

Patsy: Me too. I want to go back.

Calicobebop: I know, I know. Me, too. I LOVE London.

Cat: It was January and yes - it was cold.

Hyphen Mama: He has grown up - and I have grown around.

NicoleB: She WAS, for the time she was there.

M+B: It was ssooooo cold.

Eric S: It was that, Eric. Fun. I fell in love with London.