a train of thought

My mind seems to be occupied with thoughts other than what I would consider 'blog fodder'. I am trapped in a cycle of thoughts that most of you (perhaps all of you) probably would not find enjoyable to read. I'll try to explain.

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed learning about Einstein. To me, his was the greatest mind of the 20th Century. And for some time, I have enjoyed repeating his thought experiment, wherein he would imagine himself riding on a photon of light. It took time (a long time) but I finally came to understand how Special Relativity works. I came to see how the system balances time against speed, relative to the speed of light.

The problem is there are assumptions Einstein made which don't make any sense to me. One of those has to do with the 'speed limit' he assumed (nothing can go faster than light). Another has to do with the increase in mass as one approaches the speed of light and the ever increasing amount of energy required to accelerate further as one nears the speed of light.

I don't agree with elements of his theory - at least, on the surface. They are counter-intuitive. I have found that on the macro scale (the big stuff), the universe almost invariably makes absolute sense. It is at the quantum level that the Universe gets really strange, but not at the big end of things. And yet it is at this end of things that I find myself unable to understand Einstein's assumptions and theory. Maybe it's because I have no solid background in Physics that my discomfort with his assumptions exists. Maybe.

In the meantime, I am lost in, stuck in, a train of thought that you most certainly will find boring.

And I'm not going to burden you with it.



Jientje said...

Oooch, you lost me here!!!
Although travelling faster than light does appeal to me, hehehe!

witchypoo said...

Oh, yeah, I'm all about the mysteries of life. Like those specks on the insides of your spectacles? I decided they are totally minute squirts of eye lubricating fluid, expelled upon blinking. I roll madd deep, yo.

Joyce-Anne said...

It's too early to think about this. ;)

Shadow said...

not boring, interesting. although i can't help clarify things...

Jennifer said...

I'd love to follow along... only you lost me. lol I understand what you are saying here in your post, but as far as understanding Einstein and all that... I don't get it... too many BIG words for me! lol

I do however understand Baby Einstein... DVD's for babies and toddlers. see... that's where I'm at.

I'm still trying to figure out things from every day life... like why all of a sudden is it cold out when it was in the 80's... and things like that... i'm affraid i'm a tad behind you on the thought process. :)

sorry i've been lame with my comments... but i have missed you. and appreciate all your comments on my blog.

much love.

Nan said...

What worries ME is that, if we find we really understand quantum physics, will life go on as normal? Sitting upon chairs, walking in real time, eating, communicating... Somehow, living in Classical Mechanics seems safer and I would be less likely to suddenly find myself hurtling towards the stars that I am looking at. And what am "I" anyway, if every atom in me has previously rubbed shoulders with every other atom in everyone else, and remembers it?

Maybe man requires an evolutionary leap before we can take a quantum one.

Jac said...

I've always found Einstein fascinating, and would have to agree that he is one of the (if not THE) greatest minds of the 20th Century.

Unfortunately, you lost me! I'm one of those people who tends to think that some things are just beyond my understanding for a reason! But, you did give me a few things to think on this weekend!

redchair said...
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redchair said...

I did the delete- sorry a misspelling.

I don't think its boring at all. I get hooked on things like that all the time. It's your cognition trying to make sense of something you've read and find a 'logical' place for it in the brain data base of learning. Until we understand it, we can't store it away. It's a healthy exercise for the brain.

Indigo said...

I find it absolutely fascinating that things like this appeal to you. Never stand in a box dear friend. If this is stuff that interest you, it just might draw a few of us in unexpectedly. (Hugs)Indigo

Tara R. said...

I can't contribute anything remotely helpful, but I have found the idea of quantum physics fascinating for a long time. I would love to have the time to learn more about it.

LceeL said...

Jientje: Me, too. I'd like to see if time reverses.

Witchypoo: So THAT'S what they are!!

Joyce-Anne: Twenty to eight in the morning is too early?

Shadow: That's okay. I don't think anyone can.

Jennifer: I have missed you, too.

Nan: I like the notion that everything is actually a hologram.

Jac: I just highlighted that persistent train of thought - so there was little reason you would have been able to follow it. I didn't explain everything.

Redchair: Well, by golly, I must have one healthy brain.

Indigo: Unexpectedly?? No. EVERY single member of my 'family' is a thinker.

Tara R: I know you would.

Loraine said...

Einstein is fascinating, but I find he limits things too much, unlike his rival Nikola Tesla.

I read dictionaries sometimes and they don't bore me. What does bore me- the Disney Channel, modern culture of advertising, how everything must be happy and cheesy all the time. And if you're not, they suggest a pill.

What a dull life some people lead. I'm glad for your posts.

Hyphen Mama said...

I love this. Well, I used to, let's put it that way. I used to spend hours, days, months seeking knowledge.

Then I had children and somehow they sucked that out of me, as I realized that the Universe has questions and answers and mind boggling queries... and I still have to take out the garbage, wash the dishes and hoof the laundry up and down the stairs. My brother and I have this conversation and I always end up asking: if there's infinite possibility out there, why do I still have to prepare 3 meals a day and scoop dog poo?

Someday. SOMEDAY--like your last post-- my kids will disconnect from me and love from afar and not be under my wing. I hope I have a few brain cells left to pick up where I left off in real life.

Lady Language said...

Personally, I find the subject fascinating and can appreciate your thoughts. It's good to explore everything that interests you regardless of what a bore you may be to others :-)