The little sneak flew under the radar and got away before I could take pictures. There's a big smirk on his face right now - but I'm going to get the last laugh. His girlfriend (who, btw, by all reports, is somewhat bossy and domineering) has a camera and she has secretly agreed to supply me with pictures. I, on the other hand, am going to be the person picking him up on Sunday, and I AM going to have my camera with me when I do, so there WILL be plenty of blog fodder for Monday in the form of pictures of #3 Son in his Anime Costume.

And probably a war story or two to relate, as well. About his 'convention'. And being in the hotel room, for the weekend, with his girlfriend and several other people, as well. At least, there's SUPPOSED to be several other people there, in the room, for the duration.

He is 18. Should I go check?



Jientje said...

If he takes after his father .... ??

Shadow said...

heee heee heee, and only go check if your gut tells you to.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Oh gosh, YES! Go CHECK! Quick!

Oh, hang on, no, too mortifying, don't check.

Oh, the dilemma.. which would be worse?

Tara R. said...

Sometimes just the fear of a potential random 'courtesy check' is enough.

Audubon Ron said...

Doode. Don't ask me.

moneythoughts said...

Looking forward to the pictures.

Indigo said...

Looking forward to the pictures, and other people or not a weekend together...He's 18 what did you do at that age? (Hugs)Indigo

Patsy said...

My vote is don't check. The boy is 18, is graduating from high school in just a few weeks, is planning on going off to college so what difference does it make now. You have done all you can do. The choices are now his -- if not this weekend the many weeks and weekends that are too rapidly approaching.
Yes, I've been there -- It is very hard ---- go check if you must, just be prepared for whatever you hear from #3 son about it.
I love that the girlfriend is on your side. Still looking forward to pics. We'll see if they happen.

Joyce-Anne said...

He is a sneaky one, isn't he? I hope his girlfriend gets some good pics to share with the world.

Nicole said...

Grin, sneaky :D
18 is alright in Europe. Not sure about the US ;)

OHmommy said...

I was alone in Europe as an 18 year old. With that said, when my kids are 18 in a hotel....

Oh geesh, hard call. You don't want to embarrass him. But then again, I am having flashbacks of what I did all one at 18.

Good luck, ;)

LceeL said...

Jientje: If he takes after his father ... O. M. G.

Shadow: My gut is screaming at me - but I'm not going.

Mrs F with 4: Worse - for whom?

Tara R: Yeah - I'll text him and hint that it's possible.

Audubon Ron: I know better than that.

Moneythoughts: Ah, yes. The pictures.

Indigo: At 18 I was in the Marine Corps, stationed on Okinawa, learning lots of ... stuff.

Patsy: They'll happen, alright. She'll see to that.

Joyce-Anne: Me, too. Thanks, Joyce-Anne.

Nicole: It's okay here, too.

OHmommy: Thanks, Pauline. I'll just cross my fingers.

Huckdoll said...

Bwaha. Can't wait to see the pics.

And no, don't check. My impression is that he's a good kid - go with that.

The Intracerebral Itinerary said...

Sneaking up on my kids with a camera is very difficult. I guess my Canon wore out its welcome.

witchypoo said...

He's 18. He knows enough not to bring home any sad stories.
Apple, tree.

Momisodes said...

"other people?"

Oh I hate to say it...

...but I have totally used that story before.

Just sayin'