Workout, working out, work's out.

I joined a gym yesterday. I thought it was time. I need to work myself into better shape than I have been for a while. So I finally broke down and spent the bucks and joined up. I spent half an hour on the treadmill getting the heart rate up to a nice 125, worked some free weights, and then sat down on a machine to work the muscles in my chest.

Facing a mirror.

Looking right up the split in the crotch of my sweatpants.

I am SO glad I hadn't decided to go commando. I could have blinded someone.

On Wednesday, April 1st, #2 Son and Bitsy will have been married for three years. So far, so good. No kids yet, but they have time. I think I know what my subject is going to be for this coming Wordless Wednesday.

For those of you who didn't come by over the weekend, there are new links in 'One Knight's Story'. Two episodes were published over the weekend - on Saturday, the completed Chapter 2 - Part 1 and on Sunday, Chapter 2 - Part 2. Click on the links to read the new stuff. And enjoy.



Jientje said...

ROFL! Okay. And now I'm stuck with that visual for the rest of the day!

Myst_72 said...

Good thing Warriorwitch wasn't there.....ha ha!

Well done Lou - I'm proud of you.

My treadmill is currently gathering dust - it seems I can reach a heart rate of 150 just by standing still....


moneythoughts said...

I hope you are working with a knowledgeable trainer. Don't over do it at the beginning.

Why is it as people get older it is harder for them to burn up their calores? I am getting back on my bike now that April is here and the weather is warmer. I only have 12 pounds to shed to get back to 180. Winter and the high calore foods we all enjoy here in the States makes coming out of hybernation so difficult. :)

Tara R. said...

*snort* I have absolutely no response for that.

Cat said...

Still giggle'n here!

Thanks for the links and the heads up!

Momisodes said...

What a visual to wake up to today :)
Glad to hear you took the plunge.

I'm off to the airport this morning, but I look forward to reading the links!

M+B said...

Good job... though I'm trying to erase that visual now!

Rebecca said...

Ha! :)

You'll be amazed how much good a little exercise can do... I do as little as I can get away with, so I know. :) Good for you!

maggie's mind said...

Yay for you joining a gym! I've had one at every apartment complex where I've lived yet only went a few times. Now I have a huge room perfect for exercise equipment, but I still doubt I'll actually work out. At least you made me consider it for a few minutes. That's closer than I've been in weeks. Good luck to you!

Joyce-Anne said...

I see I'm not the only one who had a visual. Anyway, good for you for joining a gym.

I know for a fact my Dad loved being a grandpa...I have a feeling you are going to love it too. I think his grandchildren are what motivated him to live longer. He absolutely adored the Mayor and then Computer Boy.

Mrs F with 4 said...

The image won't leave me alone... help!

I could tell you about the time I went out to walk to a friend's house (blame it on being a first-time mother) completely and utterly naked from the waist down....

Or just this New Year's Eve when I walked around the local grocery store (and this is a v e r y small community) with a breast hanging out....

As you say, thank goodness you weren't commando!

Zoeyjane said...

I'm laughing my ass off, between you and Mrs F.

Hyphen Mama said...

MY EYES! MY EYES! Or rather my virtual eyes! I hope working out at the gym helps you achieve whatever it is you're after. Maybe Warriorwitch can give you some pointers? hahahaha, just kidding.

Was the April 1st wedding chock full of jokes? Incidentally, it's also the day I turn 37. I've been eating cake and drinking wine for a few days. It never hurts to celebrate for a few weeks.

Cathy said...

good for you for going to the gym--hope the pants incident doesn't deter you from going back. :)

Ree said...

Oh mah holy hell. Thank you for THAT laugh. Sorely needed today.

Patsy said...

Glad you made the gym and are "biting the exercise bullet". I so need to but my want to isn't working.

Stay with it, and buy some new pants -- bad visual, bad,bad visual.

LceeL said...

Jientje: Just don't get carried away there, Toots.

Myst_72: She would have been unmerciful. Get on that treadmill, Gina.

Moneythoughts: Because there is less muscle in your body, and more fat.

Tara R: Neither, my dear, do I.

Cat: You're welcome. For the links, for the heads up, for the giggle.

Momisodes: Yeah, I ALMOST took more than the plunge.

M+B: Just find your favorite Brad Pitt naked photograph. that ought to help.

Rebecca: Thank you, Rebecca. It does good, I know. And it will.

Maggie's Mind: Do more than consider, 'K?

Joyce-Anne: If my once and future grandkids turn out to be anything like my sons, I'm gonna have a ball. And my sons are going to hate me.

Mrs F with 4: Oh thank you. Now I have some images to work with.

Zoeyjane: I'm glad.

Hyphen Mama: Let's see - the wine, in order to loosen the morals, and the cake, so it doesn't make any difference. Smooth.

Cathy: Nope. went back this evening.

Ree: You're welcome - but you'll excuse me if I don't use that venue to supply more.

Patsy: I bought new sweatpants. Because today I saw myself in shorts. EEEWWWWWWWW.

OHmommy said...

Oh no! No you didn't!

I have to email you the most comfiest durable sweatpants that I buy for my husband. Made by Hanes. Cheap and durable, yo! Durable.

LceeL said...

OHmommy: OH, yes I did. tomorrow is part 2. Heh, heh.

Loraine said...

You're hilarious.
As much as I'd like to join a gym, I'm put off by the high prices and high pressure sales pitch.

BTW, thanks for the comment on the blog about that asshole. It helped me feel better. :)

Miss Ash said...

Niiiiice! Good work, mister! Especially about the crotch part. I about giggled myself off the couch!

warriorwoman said...

lou i hope you learn to love the gym.
and then to love it as much as you hate it - eventually.
i do.