Rock Star Status

I was going to write a Haiku today, and I had been struggling with subject matter. But then ... I got an email - and then I got another which was a comment on the day's post. Both with the same message. Just that one was sent direct and one through the blog. The sender/commenter was OHmommy. Her message was short and cryptic: "Because you are a Dad." And a link to another site.

I was busy - I didn't read the link - I just clicked on it. And it took me to the Blogger's Choice Award site where she had nominated me in two categories. The "Brag Badges" are upper left and upper right on this page. "Best Blog About Stuff". "Hottest Daddy Blogger". Aside from the fact that it's been a long, long, LONG time since anyone referred to me as "Hot", the whole thing was insanely flattering. IS insanely flattering.

OHmommy is one of those bloggers for whom I have an immense amount of respect and admiration. Hers was a name I'd heard about a long time before I began to read her. She's been interviewed on television - as a blogger. I only mention that because it speaks to her reputation and to the quality of her place.

And so I am elevated. I feel like I have achieved Rock Star Status.

It's a euphoria of the moment. It probably won't last. But it IS fun. And it IS flattering.

We now return to our regular programming.

Tomorrow? The rest of the first segment of Chapter 2.



Jientje said...

You deserve this!! :-)
I have voted, but they won't let me no more! :-(

NicoleB said...

You deserve it well!
Congrats and have fun riding on the wave of euphoria :D

Suzanne said...


Shadow said...

wow, cool nominations!!!!! can i vote for you somewhere???

Myst_72 said...


And the crowd goes WILD!

Loo-u Loo-u!

He he!

Congratulations my friend,
I voted for ya :)


OHmommy said...

Awww Lou. Thanks for making my morning a little brighter on this rainy spring day. You made me smile.

You deserve it. Your words are poetry and more people should check them out.

M+B said...

Congratulations, and definately well deserved :)

Cat said...

WooHoo congrats!!!

moneythoughts said...

You are never too old to be considered HOT.

Later, I will share a story with you about my beard and a comment a young woman once made. :)

Glad to read that you haven't stopped painting.

Joyce-Anne said...

Congratulations Lou! Enjoy your rock star status too. :)

Hyphen Mama said...

Congratulations! Now, where's my lighter?

Loraine said...

Here's one of my favorite horribly cheesy quotes from M*A*S*H: "It's nice to be nice to the nice!"

Michael said...

Well done, and thanks for popping round my humble blog, I feel a bit more better this week after pouring out my soul at last weeks AA meeting.
Its a job I always dread but I have to do it when asked, I really did pour it out and feel good this week as a result.
4o real soon now, I hope I find one of syds knots to spend my life with

redchair said...

Congrats Lou and your well deserving.

Tara R. said...

She beat me to it. You are a hottie and don't forget it. (I've already voted for you!)

Ree said...

You ARE a rock star! And pretty hot, if I do say so.

Miss Ash said...

Yep! Agreed with everyone else. You = ROCKSTAR!