100 Word Challenge - Myself - and a Photo

The following is in response to the 100 Word Challenge issued by the person, herself, who is Velvet Verbosity. The word is "Myself". The schedule is off just a bit - but no less authentic.

A journey of discovery that started with fulfilling a need to be a better photographer. A need to learn more about Art, and in doing so, discovering a voice that needed expression in oil paint. And, in creating a journal to document that journey, another discovery as the writing of the journal led to a voice that needed expression through the writing of fiction. And in reading the words of others, finding the need arise to try to help, along with the need to be funny, sarcastic, obscene and kind. A journey of discovery, which has helped me find myself.

Damn. That was hard. It took days of mulling that word over to get to the point where I just gave up and decided to go with the flow. I was and am not happy with the notion of making that piece about me - but I got stuck there, like an old Ford in the mud. And I couldn't get out. So - there it is.

The picture, below, has a title with two meanings. It's my railroad car taken from the other end of the car - the end where the homeless person apparently has spent some time. I didn't know there had been anyone staying there until I walked into that end of the car - you can't see that stuff from the end that I first took the pictures from. As you know if you saw the earlier prints I published.


Nobody's Home


Suzanne said...

Gives a totally different feeling to the space.

Nice job with only 100 words, too.

Shadow said...

you have described an exquisite journey in yourself that not too many people experience, or follow through on. wonderful! i say! and your picture... sure puts that railway cart in a different light...

Myst_72 said...

I wonder where they went?


truly blessed said...

You have quite a way with words Mr. LouCeel. Great pic too.

moneythoughts said...

I agree with all of the above comments. I really liked what you wrote about yourself. Perhaps some day you will get back to painting, but if that doesn't happen, you still have the journey you took.

NicoleB said...

Life is a journey and you are walking it now in the fullest.
I am glad you can and am glad to follow along and see what you come up with.

I totally love your shots from the railroad wagon.
And this one is my total favorite!
The colours, the light and the details.

Tara R. said...

Your words are as artistic as your photos and paintings. Lovely all.

Joyce-Anne said...

The articles left give the picture another interesting perspective. I enjoyed the 100 words, it's not easy writing about yourself. Good job. :)

OHmommy said...



Cat said...

writing about yourself is hard but in 100 words that very difficult - nice work!!

That photo and the title to it is perfect, calming.

Jientje said...

It looks so different from this side, even though I know it's the same wagon. The chair and that plaid, and the cardboard box add drama. A certain sadness. A story of time gone by, and things not quite the way they were...

Sometimes it's strange where life takes us.

Loraine said...

That is a powerful picture.

Patsy said...

A wonderful 100 Words. You did what I didn't have the courage to do -- something truly about myself. I'll post mine momentarily it is ready

That old diner car is very intersting. The fact that is is used by someone makes it seem different.

Momisodes said...

I love that you wrote about yourself. I can't imagine how tough that was to sum up into 100 words. But I think you described it wonderfully. It flowed nicely.

LOVE that caption for the photo. I would have never recognized the space like that.

Okay now everyone...


LceeL said...

Suzanne: Thank you, Suzanne. It DOES feel different knowing somebody lives there.

Shadow: Thank you, Shadow. It does, doesn't it?

Myst_72: Out for a beer.

Truly Blessed: Thank you, ma'am.

Moneythoughts: Fred, I've never really left painting - I just haven't gotten much done. But I will.

NicoleB: I am SO glad you like that shot.

Tara R: Thank you so much, Tara.

Joyce-Anne: Thank you, Joyce-Anne. It warn't easy.

OHmommy: TeeHee? the results are exemplified by the Brag Badges upper left and right.

Cat: Calming, yes, and I think, a bit sad. Very sad, if you think about it.

Jientje: Strange and sad.

Loraine: Thank you, ma'am. Coming from you, that's special.

Patsy: I only took one picture from that end. I felt like an intruder.

Momisodes: Nobody is home. 'Nobody' lives here. Nobody should live here. Many meanings to two words.

Hyphen Mama said...

"funny, sarcastic, obscene and kind". That is very much you, Lou!

I love the double meaning of Nobody's Home. Imagine if he HAD been home when you came a callin'. Could have made for interesting conversation.