belly up

I had intended to publish pictures today of my Friday night meeting/dinner with Maggie from Maggie's Mind, and her Dad, Bill. I also intended to publish pictures of yesterday's lunch with Cat, of Wait.What? and Employee No. 3699 of The Random Memorandum. However - the best laid plans of mice and men go belly up in the face of inconsiderate children and a lack of communication.




Nicole said...

We'll wait :)

Jientje said...

Okay, tomorrow then, enjoy your Sunday!

Shadow said...

hey! it's not a race after all... we'll see them tomorrow. have a peaceful sunday!

M+B said...

I suppose we can wait since you are being a good father and all ;-)

Tara R. said...

Kids can be inconsiderate and uncommunicative? Say it isn't so!

Joyce-Anne said...

Patience, they say, is a virtue. We will wait and hopefully see them tomorrow.

Indigo said...

In time dear friend. The best laid plans tend to have more flaws than those last minute repercussions. When you get a chance we'll all still be here to ooh and ahhh over meetings we wish we could of participated in ourselves. Have a grand Sunday Lou! (Hugs)Indigo

Loraine said...

sounds like a long day.

Cat said...

No rush Lou - It was a lovely lunch - I can wait for the pictures until you are ready to post them.


LceeL said...

Nicole: Thank you, Nicole.

Jientje: Thank you, Jientje.

Shadow: A peaceful Sunday was had by all.

M+B: Why thank you, ma'am.

Tara: Okay. It isn't so. Not.

Joyce-Anne: Si. Manana.

Indigo: Thank you, Indigo. I had a wonderful Sunday.

Loraine: It was.

Cat: Thank you, Cat. It was a Lovely Lunch. Yes.