Trimming it up

And no, I'm not talking about manscaping. Or nosehairs. No, actually I'm referring to the list of places I go to read every day. There's a few dead ends that have accumulated in the list. And there are several that haven't posted in months. They're gone now. I've also struck a couple of blogs that I've enjoyed reading in the past, and I've commented on regularly, but the owners of those blogs have never bothered to come here and comment. And as I said once before here, in this blog, it ain't about me and it ain't about you. It's about us.

I'm not going to be able to visit every blog every day anymore, either. I don't know how I'm going to schedule things going forward - I guess I'll just have to play it by ear.

There's also this problem of coordination of lists. I have four different computers from which I regularly blog. Each of them has a few different sites I go to. I need to create a master list and then export that list to all systems so that I don't exclude somebody only because I haven't gotten to that particular system for a day or two. And it would also, then, be easier to stay with one system (Luscious) for all the blogging I do from home. And I luvz me some Luscious.

And that means that yes, I blog from work. Between tasks. Don't tell anybody.

And to top it all off, I am seriously trying to find an acceptable new template for my blog.

Easy peasy, right?



maggie's mind said...

I have some thoughts on nose hairs that I've discovered the past year and that I will not share. You're welcome.

I hope you figure out whatever system works for you. For me, it's Google Reader, on every computer, every time, even if I don't always comment on each one every time. I've even broken that into groups by which ones I mainly lurk or actively comment and so forth. It works for me. I've never heard of Luscious, though, but it sounds buttery. Maybe I'm hungry. Time for a snack and more blog reading. ;) Good luck!

Nicole said...

Sounds like fun :)
I just switched to flock as a browser. Love it!
The RSS is so much faster and I can combine twitter and flickr and whatnot.
Now I only have one problem: How will I get any work done with all the distractions and bling?

P.S.: Got your comments up and running there again as well :)

Jientje said...

Visiting everyone every day is a full time job after a while! The list of friends just grows and grows... That's why I'm planning on doing less giant meme's like Wordless Wednesday or Photo Hunt or SKY Watch and stuff.( Unless I have something very inspiring or unless I'm desperate) They bring even more extra traffic but a lot of them are just link dumping and you have to visit them back as well. I have a lot of daily visitors whose blogs I like reading very much, and I don't really NEED like fourty or fifty comments a day, as long as my real friends drop in as much as possible I am a very happy girl.
And um ... yes. We already knew THAT... No. We won't tell anybody!

Suzanne said...

I don't use the feed readers in the way everyone else does. Instead, I'm just really organized in my bookmark folders. The daily reads are in two folders on my toolbar-with the feeds when the author uses them.

Can I say I love having the option to get the RSS feed? I can run down each folder, blog by blog, and see who has updated. (You're one of the few not on an RSS, Lou-I just know to come here after 1am my time.)

I started cleaning house on my blog today, getting rid of links that I don't frequent as much. Next week, the bookmark folders.

As I said today, oh you thought I was going to clean the HOUSE?!

Casdok said...

Look forward to seeing your new template.
Very happy new year to you and yours :)

Kim said...

I rely on my google reader. all.the.time. and sometimes it is terrible because it has bad days.. but that is how I do it..

and I too blog read from work. I won't tell if you don't. :)

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Hi Lou! I just wanted to wish you and your family a very happy new year, hope 09 brings us all health, wealth and much happiness.I hope A is coping ok with the added pressures you have right now?
I'll be back blogging properly after the move, hopefully it won't take tooooo long to get broadband hooked up! Til then lots of love to you all, BG x

Shadow said...

pssst, don't tell the boss, but i blog at work too...... happy template searching.

Emily/Randomability said...

a Google Reader here too. I blog from work too... Shhhhh.

moneythoughts said...

I enjoy reading your blog every day, but I could not do what you do and read so many. I am just not built that way. Perhaps it is because of our common interests and experiences that makes you an enjoyable read for me. Some can handle many relationships at once and blog and blog, but that is not me.

Secret Agent Mama said...

I have it broken down like Maggie. Ones that I frequent and comment on regularly, then others that I read and comment on sporadically, and then the ones that I just read and rarely comment on. There are some in there that I just read, too.

You'll find a system. And you'll still be read. Ya know?

Can't wait to see what you come up with for a template.

Melissa said...

I use google reader, too. When it gets too full, I find I have to just read the latest entry of each one and the hit mark as read. There, I admit it!

I read a lot more than I comment, and I find that I won't comment if there are already more than about 30 unless I have something to offer to the discussion.

Good luck on the template. Most of the free ones are either too teeny-boppy or too girly. Ask AFF who did hers. I don't think she paid too much for it.

Tara R. said...

We're not supposed to blog at work? When was someone going to tell me that?! I could not get by without my reader list. I couldn't keep up with everyone I want to without it.

Christy said...

So healthy to set boundaries on your time, Lou.

I know you remember the sixties (as do I) and that "love the one you're with" mentality. No harm, no foul. I think blogs are the perfect offshoot of that mindset.

Easy come, easy go, hold on loosely......

As an artist, you'll figure out when/who to hold onto and what to let go of organically. Like editing a picture, for the good of the picture.....

You'll still be a read for me.....

Honeybell said...

I've loved it since I decreased my blog list. Reading blogs has become a pleasure again rather than a chore. (I LOVE Google Reader BTW)

Let me know if you need help with your template!

Patsy said...

For a while I wanted lots of traffic I wanted people to drop by, but now its doesn't seem so important. I like having the people I read come by if for no other reason than to comment on my comment -- but that is something I haven't quiet figured out how to make happen.
Could be time for you to get a piece of paper and a pencil and just make an old fashioned list then put the list to *luscious*?
I've actually Gooogle bookmarked all the sites I like to read regularly and can get to them from any computer that way -- as long as it isn't the school which has everything blocked.
This is too long. Bye Lou.

Nan said...

My list is short, as I don't have that much time for reading. I love the list I can make on my Blogspot website, where the most recently updated come to the top. It only takes a moment for me to check up on everyone!

witchypoo said...

For Pete's sake, Lou, get Google Reader up and running, and email yourself the URL to a web-based email account.
Domestic Rockstar did my header for winter and I really love it. I bet she could make you a slammin template.

Ree said...

My list is scary. Truly scary. I've subdivided it though, into "have to read" (not that it's a law or anything) and "like to read" and "other".

Just to try to prioritize.

Zoeyjane said...

I'm damn addicted to Google Reader - anywhere I am, I can check, just by signing in. And there
s FOLDERS!!! And yeah...I get so excited about new organization.

I hope the leaner, keener list is great!

ConverseMomma said...

Just switch to reader, read faithfully as I do, but comment if and when you get the time. Seriously, you can't be all things to all people. I would much rather have readers really reading me, then skimming just to find somethign to comment on so I do the same. It isn't genuine. You are genuine. Do what works for you. Oh, and so still blushing over the whole sexaay thang!

Miss Ash said...

Uh oh, confession time!
I use google reader, and then I always first read my favorites, then I'll skim through my somewhat interesting ones...
If after a while I find myself only "Marking All as Read," then eventually I unsubscribe.

I blog at work, too, though, not as much as I read.

You'd all be completely inundated if I blogged as much as I read. Hee hee!! And there's no way on goddess' green earth that I could comment on everything I read.

I do the guilt-free blog diet. If I have something to say, I say it. If I don't, I either read it or I don't. And if I decide I have to clean out my unread blogs, I skim. And if there's something I like, I mark it as unread and come back to it when I have time.
And... I don't mind getting backed up. And I don't feel guilty for deleting someone from my reader. For instance, if someone's constantly spouting off ideas that are neither interesting, and I find boring or offensive, or just plain not worthy of my time, I unsubscribe...

Of course, then I get new people to read. That's all your fault, Lou. You have excellent taste in blog reads. ;)

Eve Grey said...

I hear ya Lou. My resolution is to spend less time on the 'puter. This means way less visitation. Only so much time ya know? I always do visit you tho even if i don't always comment. (:

LceeL said...

Maggie's Mind: 'Luscious' is my recently purchased MacBook Pro. And yes, she is buttery.

Nicole: I have never heard of 'Flock'. I'll have to check it out.

Jientje: I agree. Popularity has a price.

Suzanne: Ha ha. Foolish me.

Casdok: But I need help!! And a Happy New Year to you and 'C'.

Kim: Yes. Let's keep that among our secrets, shall we?

BenefitScroungingScum: Thank you, Bendy. I'm so glad you found new digs in the proper price range.

Shadow: I won't tell if you won't. I may have some help coming. We'll see.

Emily: Ok. No problem. Won't tell a soul.

Moneythoughts: Well, I AM going to cut down on that number.

Secret Agent Mama: Thank you, Mishi. As will you for me.

Melissa: Well, don't worry. I almost never get more than 30 - so feel free to comment any time you'd like.

Tara R: It's called multitasking. An excellent work skill that takes lots of practice.

Christy: Thank you, Christy - as are you for me.

Honeybell: Honeybell - I. need. help.

Patsy: My problem is that I have been very selective and ALL of the blogs I read are worthy of reading. Well, maybe except for Old Bitter Balls. I HATE giving up on the places I go to read, but I have to. So if they don't reciprocate, they go.

Nan: I've seen that list. I'm proud to be on it.

Witchypoo: I'll bet she could.

Ree: Yes, ma'am. Will do.

Zoeyjane: It will be. And it will include you.

Conversemomma: Awww. really? I made you blush? That's cool, too.

Miss Ash: Thank you, POHA. That's why I read you.

Eve Grey: I will try to keep it interesting enough to keep you coming back - every day.

Hyphen Mama said...

I was POSITIVE you were talking about manscaping. But trimming your bloggy is fine as well.

I was UBER happy to find that my Google HomePage (which is where I come from, so that it forces me to GO TO each blog to read them) transferred to my new laptop as soon as I signed in.

I have to agree with the paring down bit.

Huckdoll said...

Good for you, Lou. Keeping my own reader clean and trim helps my sanity levels and keeps it fun and personable. I've been doing it on a regular basis since I started blogging again and it feels great.

Joyce-Anne said...

Hey there. We went away for a couple of days but now we home again. The motel we stayed at--didn't have internet access. I know, how could I possibly stay there?! Perish the thought. Actually, it was nice, and the best part of all was the fact that my husband couldn't do any work (yes, they called him...several times).

Linda S. Socha said...

New here...Like your blog.Nice post . Alas I can relate on the time issues AND I do love the connections in the blogging community. Please stop by and say hello if you are out and about in the neighborhood

Momisodes said...

Oh I have to do a bit more than just trim. My reader is on the verge of has around 800+ unread posts and I'm too afraid to even touch it in fear it may self destruct. So I don't even use it. I think if I trim off some I may feel less intimidated.

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

You'll get it together. And, I used bloglines - but moved to google reader & love it.

Karen said...

I use google reader, too, but it is getting crowded in there. I need to do another cleanup. I did one in December, ones that I thought were going to be interesting but turned out to not be, got cut then. Next will be the ones who never ever comment me. I likes the comments, y'all.