Frozen Over

It must be cold in Hell - in fact, frozen over. This must be the day. As in, "That'll be the day." All of that stuff. Because I actually made it through Saturday - yesterday - without finding it necessary to go in to the office to rectify some new disaster regarding the database system. Group Theory dictates that eventually things must 'settle' into stability. That's what Groups do - groups of things as well as groups of people. Of course, that stability is encouraged and enforced through human machinations - in this case, ME! I'm gonna quit talking about this now before karma jumps up and bites me in the butt.

I've started gathering things together for the trip. I asked someone to guest blog for me on Friday - so that covers me for travel on Thursday evening. I will introduce my guest blogger tomorrow so you have a chance to visit her before she blogs for me. You know - so you can get to know her.

I am taking both my Canon DSLR and my Fuji Point and Shoot - so there will be plenty of photographs to post here over several days after we get back.

The story of "The Hackney Dragon" is finished. Part 2 will publish on Tuesday. I really had to wrestle with the end of the piece - but I think I have it the way I want it now. It probably won't change much between now and Tuesday.

Oh - and I think I've figured out why things have been going so slowly with Sarah's story. I skipped over a couple of days of time, at the beginning of the story. Now I now I have to tell that bit of the story, as well. She isn't going to allow me to get any further with her story until I go back and cover that missing two days - so I've started on it and it's working out nicely.

It won't be long before I start publishing the story - in small and frequent chunks.



Hyphen Mama said...

Is it really almost the end of January? Wow--time flies. I can't wait to see your photos of Trinidad. It was your photos of England that made me fall in love with you to begin with.

Here's to a restful Sunday!

Jientje said...

I'm looking forward to see those pictures. I'm not the only one it seems!
We've got some very good reads coming up it seems, can't wait to find out how the Dragon is going to end, as well as what Sarah's story is going to be like besides GOOD!

Kelley said...

Travel safe!

Looking forward to seeing all the pics Lou. I bet they will be amazing

calicobebop said...

Two cameras? I had kicked around the idea of getting another point and shoot after I made the DSL purchase but couldn't justify it. You've justified my next purchase Lou!! Thanks!

Have a good, safe trip!

Indigo said...

Your going to be missed you know..

It sounds like your covering all the bases to keep us entertained in your absence.

I hope you enjoy Trinidad in all it's glory and spirit. Have a safe trip dear heart. (Hugs)Indigo

Loraine said...

I have two complicated cameras and just gave my point and shoot away to a single mother of five who didn't have a camera at all (I thought that was just terrible). So depending on what the taxes look like this year, I may just invest in a little Canon...

Patsy said...

So you leave us Thusday evening. I hope you have a wonderful time --I know you will.

Great that even "hell" has frozen over. We've all been waiting for that to happen to.

Two cameras. We don't even remember to use one.

Be well.

Tara R. said...

Have a great time! I can't wait to see the photos you bring back.

Julie said...

Have a really awesome time and take lots of photos. I am looking forward to seeing them.

Glad your hell has frozen over and you had a Saturday off!

We went to see the eagles today, and you will be happy to hear that she wasn't there, because the rivers were open, and the eagles don't show up when the rivers are open. The eagles prefer to catch their own, and won't show up to feed if they can so easily get their own fish. There were a couple eagles in one tree, but that's it.

Eric S. said...

I can't wait for the Sarah story to start publishing. You know I love reading a work fiction in segments. It adds a certain level of anticipation to the enjoyment.

I'll be looking forward to the end of The Hackney Dragon too. I'm a fan of fantasy also, due to a very good teacher in high school.

I hope you have fun on your trip, and take lots and lots of pictures. Most of all just relax and enjoy yourself.

Suzanne said...

Wow, you've been busy to ensure that things keep humming in the blog world while you're away! :)

Elizabeth said...

Holy crap! When I decide to crawl under a rock loads of things just seem to change all around me! I love the new header... very stylish!
The comment you left me made me slink out from under my rock... thanks for still thinking of me. :) I have a lot of catching up to do, looks like.

Ree said...

I'm looking forward to reading - and looking at the pictures!

LceeL said...

Hyphen Mama: It's been a restful Sunday. Thank you. I'll try to find some nice stuff to take photos of.

Jientje: I'm glad you think they're going to be good reads. I hope they will be.

Kelley: Well, I hope so.

Calicobebop: I don't see being able (or wanting) to carry the big DSLR everywhere. So the Point & Shoot.

Indigo: I will have a safe trip. Promise. Tash will take good care of us while we're there.

Loraine: A Nice little P&S has its purposes.

Patsy: Yup. Two cameras. And Hell done froze over.

Tara R: I hope they'll be worth looking at.

Julie: That's good about the eagles. Very good.

Eric S: Will relax. Will enjoy. Will take many pictures.

Suzanne: Well, at least for Friday, anyway.

Elizabeth: Howdy, darlin'. You've been missed around here. So glad you have come out to play.

Ree: I'm looking forward to making those pictures. I wish I could take you all with me.

Tash said...

000h, more stories coming our way soon. Good talking to you tonight. See ya Friday.