No breaks

Annie and I were up early yesterday morning. We had to be at Best Buy to have one of my Christmas presents installed - Santa Claus had brought me a remote start system for my vehicle and apparently, he's not mechanically inclined, so the guy at Best Buy had to fill in for Santa and do the installation. At 7 in the morning. Meh.

During the process of installation Annie and I went to breakfast, Kohl's, and ultimately, home, to await the call to retrieve my chariot. That call came at about 11am, and so we returned to Santa's sub-contractor's workshop and picked it up. And then took it right back because it didn't work properly. Meh. Another hour wasted, waiting for the redo and trying NOT to spend a fortune while I wandered through Best Buy, eyes glazed in amazement at all the wonderment there.

Finally, it was done. And properly so. Except as I was driving home I noticed a squeaking sound as I applied my foot to the brakes and I knew, beyond a doubt, it was time to make a stop on the way home, at the local Merlin's Muffler and Brake Shop. Another hour and a half wasted - and way more money than I wanted to spend. Meh.

By this time it was after 2 (I ate lunch) and I was glad to finally head home to do things that I wanted to do. Of course, when I got home there was a home theater system to be installed - a gift from three cherubs acting as Santa's elves (#1, #2 and #3 sons). And of course, when it came time to do the install, everybody had disappeared. Meh.

I got done with the home theater thing around 8 or so. I sat back for a while to enjoy my handiwork and then realized, of course, that it was way too late in the day to start any of the things that I wanted to do, yesterday. Another day gone. Meh.

Yesterday was a day I caught no breaks.

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"As I go, I am wearing you".

All of you.

Thank you, Tash, for teaching this to me.


Huckdoll said...

Ugh...sounds like one of those never-ending days that just become one big chore. But a 7am appointment at Best Buy? Wrong on so many levels!

Meh ;)

Myst_72 said...

Sounds like you got spolit Lou, and you well deserve it!
Aside from the mucking around, but hey at least you have it all done though (especially your car brakes).


Jientje said...

There is a little chore devil living in your house, keeping you from whatever it is you really really want to! Okay, brakes on a car are most important, but taking a break while on holiday is too! I hope you'll get plenty "me" time today!

Shadow said...

that's a lesson in getting everything you want, heee heee heeee. hope you're getting all the breaks you need today dear louceel!

Nicole said...

*irony on* That sounds like a lovely day! *irony off*

Reminds me of our trips to the car repair shop lately,...., useless most of them....

Nan said...

But now it's DONE! I have to do my brakes too. Aaargh.

Christy said...

I hate those kinds of days.

witchypoo said...

Counting your blessings? You have a car. Heh.

Kimmylyn said...

One of those days drive me insane..my mood is usually shot by the time I get done..

As I sit here with a laundry list of things to do because i did nothing but sit around and play with toys this weekend.:)

Loraine said...

I just got my back window replaced on my car after it spontaneously blew out. That was expensive and irritating. Had to get rides everywhere- no second car and nothing withing walking distance of anything else.

I'm still catching no breaks- between terms and still doing schoolwork.

maggie's mind said...

Yep, all of that would kind of be suck-ish, but I do *love* going out for breakfast. And lunch. Almost a fair trade. Almost. Hope today is relaxing. :)

redchair said...

I too am finding my days go by to fast and get taken up with the most expected demands. I think it's the time of the year.


Tara R. said...

Checking in while in Tennessee. Sorry you had such a craptastic day. I hope you got a break today and had a chance at a little 'me' time. Three more days!

Ree said...

Wowie! That's a lot of love that got spread around there. ;-)

Hyphen Mama said...

Some days are like a mouse running in his wheel. Running like hell and getting nowhere fast.

You have this week off work, too, right? Yeah, me neither.

Julie said...

Sucky day. I hate cars. Loathe them.

But not as much as I hate not having a car.

I got a Bamboo pad for my computer for my birthday (my birthday isn't til the eighth of January, but Zach needed it for a class project and I didn't want to wait til then to start playing with it...I am not good at the delayed gratification.). I use the Bamboo pad with the Corel Painter Essentials 3 and so far it is awesomely fun. And sucks up lots of time. Time that I should be spending sleeping and cooking and doing laundry. Unfortunately real world will intrude after this weekend and I will be back to doing the stuff I have to do instead of the stuff I want to do. Sigh.

(my next posting will be about the Bamboo Pad and the cool stuff I am trying to do with it...)

Joyce-Anne said...

Sorry you had to spend your day running errands, but just think, you'll certainly enjoy the remote start on those frosty winter mornings. I know you'll also enjoy your home theater--consider the possibilities...you can watch movies from the comfort of your own home. Sounds heavenly to me. So, I guess what I'm saying is that even though you had issues with the car earlier in the day and had to install the system yourself, soon you will be able to reap the benefits of these lovely gifts.

Only 2 days left, right?

LceeL said...

Huckdoll: Yes. Meh. But it needed to be done.

Myst_72: Yes. Especially the brakes.

Jientje: No. there was no me time today, either.

Shadow: No. But hey, it was still an okay day - I got to spend it with Annie.

Nicole: That trip was well spent - they did do a good job. Expensive - but necessary and well done.

Nan: Don't mess around with those- Get them done!!

Christy: Me, too.

Witchypoo: Yes, I do. I can't believe you don't.

Kimmylyn: A weekend well spent - no matter what it means later.

Loraine: But you are working towards a goal - and that's a BIG thing.

Maggie's Mind: It wasn't - but I agree - going out for breakfast is the best.

Redchair: Yes. It must be the time of year.

Tara R: Yup. They get fewer every day.

Ree: Yeah. A lot of love.

Hyphen Mama: I work Monday - and then I'm off til the 5th.

Julie: Cool. Bamboo pad. I have no idea what that's for.

Joyce-Anne: Monday and Tueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesday after today.

Joyce-Anne said...

What about blogging on Wednesday? Does it count as part of Blog 365?

Honeybell said...

You are so much more technologically advanced than I.

LceeL said...

Joyce-Anne: You're right. Monday, Tuesday and Weeeeeeeeeeeednesday.

Honeybell: I'm just lucky that way.

Patsy said...

I hope you continue to post at least every other day after Weeeeeednesday. I've missed dropping in (away from the computer for the holidays) and actually missed being part of my memes and just chatting.

Stay warm.

Momisodes said...

Oy. Sounds like "one of those days." So sorry to hear you didn't get a chance to steal some time for yourself or just relax. Hope today was better.

p.s. I would have never made it out of Kohls.

Jennifer said...

sucks spending time waiting on things, but it sounds like you had a lovely morning with Annie having breakfast and shopping some... and it sounds like you had a really nice christmas!! what great gifts!! :)

i would love a remote start... although I may start the truck and forget about it until we are out of gas or something like that. i'm forgetting a lot latley... scary, but i'm just blaming it on busy mom stuff. :)