Big Ooops

Yesterday I made the biggest boo boo. I accidentally posted on Tash's 'Fabric of Life' and didn't discover it until 6 in the morning - when I read an email from the legitimate owner of that blog.

I apologized profusely. I still feel stupid.

Anyway, today, Saturday, is going to be one of those days - first thing in the morning I go to the Doctor's office for a fasting blood draw. I have an appointment with the Doctor next Saturday and she needs all of this blood work done in advance. Then I need to grab #2 son and head to the office, load our Disaster Recovery System into my car and drive to downtown Chicago to install the server in the data center we've hired to house the system. Then I need to run home, s s s (shit, shower and shave), get dressed and take Grannie to the wedding reception of my first cousin once removed (his third, I think). Sometime in there I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up some 6X6 canvases for the winners' paintings. I can't go on Sunday because Hobby Lobby (thank you right wing Texas Christians who own these stores) is closed on Sunday. Maybe I'll go to Michael's (Art's & Crafts store) instead. Because I can't go to Blick's. If I go to Blick's I'll never get out of there with any money left.

And I haven't bought any Christmas presents yet.

Okay. Yesterday we had no 'final paragraph' for Zoeyjane. So we have some catching up to do. So click, click, click on the links on the next paragraph and let's drive that traffic into Zoeyjane's site and help her build her revenue - for charity.

Zoeyjane of Mommy is Moody is DOING something. She is donating all the revenue from her advertisements on her site, for this month, to To Write Love On Her Arms. Go to Zoeyjane's site and read This Post. She gets paid by 'Impressions'. Just going there helps. Click on her ads - and help more. Click through to To Write Love On Her Arms and see what they do. Just doing that will help, too. This paragraph is going to appear at the end of each post, each day until the end of the month. As a reminder. Just click through. And help. Save the women and men and boys and girls that don't need to live without love, that don't need to suffer addiction and depression, that don't need to die.



Jientje said...

I have to catch my breath only reading this!!! That's quite a list of things to do today!! I do hope you get them all done and make it still alive! I haven't got any Christmas presents either! I hope your day goes well!

Shadow said...

i'm exhausted just reading about what you have to do..... i'm going to a birthday tea this morning, grocery shopping after, and got 1 christmas gift left to buy which i'll do on sunday. no wait, 2.... and that's it! it's the holidays after all....

Casdok said...

Sounds like you have a very busy day ahead of you! Hope you fit it all in!

Nan said...

One thing about this time of year, there is no sleeping in! Hope you get it all done Lou. Breathe!

Christy said...

I know I'm computer literate, but how does one accidentally post on another site????

Oh, wait, don't tell me.

I'll surely do it, then.

Have a good day!

moneythoughts said...

Hi Lou,

When I read that you plan to buy your 6x6 canvases, I thought of the young woman on the street around the corner that paints a 6x6 everyday. I think you and your readers would enjoying seeing her art work and what she does with a 6x6 canvas. Please to take a look at her work at:


She is a nice young woman trying to make it as an artist here in Cincinnati. I love her work and I think you and your fellow bloggers will too.

Have a nice and safe weekend.

calicobebop said...

busy busy busy! Hope you can relax soon!

maggie's mind said...

Super busy day, Lou! I'm usually done with Christmas shopping by now, but I haven't even started due to the move. Oopsies happen to humans, even if it's not as much fun when it's you.

Patsy said...

Busy, busy, busy --- I think we all have list that are similar with things to do. I just praise God we are healthy enough to be that busy.
And for all those right wing Christians out there that hold to their beliefs -- hooray for you!

Nicole said...

Stay safe while rushing around!
And no, I don't want to know how you managed to posy on somebody elses Site ;)

warriorwoman said...

Lou, not only are you too busy now you're posting for other people.

Hey if you want to do posts you can start with mine for tomorrow.
Just a couple of rules 1. it must contain sex talk or reference to such matters, and 2. it must show attitude, not necessarily attitude that readers will agree with.

Ok? And thanks buddy.

Theresa said...

*giggle* I thought that was the case when I read Tash's blog on Friday. Sh*t happens :)

LceeL said...

Jientje: It's going okay - so far. Went to the Doc. Got the server moved and installed. Went BACK to the office because the Internet Access had failed. Got that squared away. Came home - and went next door to straighten out my neighbor's printing problem.

Shadow: Most of it's done. And it's only just past 2 in the afternoon.

Casdok: Done. And how are you?

Nan: I am taking a long slow breath even as we speak.

Christy: It starts with Guest Posting - and the rapidly descends the hill from there.

Moneythoughts: Her stuff is very, very cool.

Calicobebop: I am relaxed - right now.

Maggie's Mind: Well, I am, if nothing else, Human.

Patsy: Why, thank you, ma'am.

Nicole: Like I said, it starts with giving me permission to post on your site - and you're a fellow member of Blogger.

Warriorwoman: Do you want that in email - or are you going to give me permission to post on your site? Remembering, of course, what happened the last time someone did that.

Theresa: You are absolutely correct.

Julie said...

I did that the other day, but I posted it on my own other blog, that I never use. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't showing up...Duh.

Loraine said...

Yesterday- and especially last night- was very surreal for me. Everything seemed different and dreamlike. Also, I had no depth perception, so I had to let Matt drive.
I was pretty absent minded. I guess I wasn't alone.

Joyce-Anne said...

I was exhausted after reading this post. I hope you made it through the day and have a quieter Sunday filled with lots of rest and painting.

Momisodes said...

Good grief. I hope you refueled after your fasting blood draw. Sounds like you had quite a day. Hope you had get a chance to steal a few moments for yourself this weekend.

Hyphen Mama said...

18 days 'til you don't have to blog every day?