Last Minute Shiz

So, I've been painting - and I may actually have a couple of things to post up on the other blog when I'm done.

I post at 12:01 AM. Which means, logically, I'm ACTUALLY writing this on Saturday night. In fact, late on Saturday night. I'm sitting up, waiting for Zachary to come home from his date with his girlfriend. And I'm tired. And, to tell you the truth, I'm dry. I really don't have a post idea.

I almost forgot to post. Which, I suppose, is one advantage to posting at midnight - if you forget, you've got the whole day to catch up.

I had made myself a promise a while back. I was going to try to be less involved with the TV programs I'd followed in the past - I was going to spend less time watching and more time doing - blogging, painting, writing. And I have done just that - almost. I spend much less time watching TV - my 80 hour Tivo is full. But I spend so much time blogging I don't get to the other two as much as I would like. I need to balance things better. Or sleep less. I read somewhere that Da Vinci used to power nap - he would sleep 15 minutes every two hours, which amounts to 3 hours of sleep a day. Nah. An extra hour of uptime wouldn't be enough. Meh.

Manana and ...



Myst_72 said...

It's an easy place to spend a lot of time here isn't it....


Jientje said...

Hmmm, same problem here.
Balancing stuff. Right!
I hardly watch ANY TV at all!
I used to post every day on both blogs, but I tend to skip a day or so on my Belgian blog lately. I will be glad 365 is over, and not HAVE to post each day.
Enjoy your painting today. I'm very curious to see it!

Shadow said...

12:01. it's beautiful outside at that time... enjoy your writing, painting, blogging. just stay happy!

Tash said...

Staying up to wait for Zachary - too sweet! Still your little boy eh?

Happy painting Lou!

I hear you with the no post idea. I'm dry.

www.ayewonder.com said...

Blogging is such an incredible commitment; doing it every day is mind boggling. My hat is off.

Momisodes said...

I did the power napping in college. I stole 10-20 minute naps whenever possible. Of course that was 10 years (good grief, I'm old), and those naps seem to make me more tired now.

Hope you're away from the blogosphere and painting now!

Tara R. said...

I've been researching this power napping phenomenon. I have a comfy chair in my office, a door, a lock... it could work.

redchair said...

'Midnight posting'? I'm not even conscious at midnight! I get so mad at myself, because all the good shows come on at 9pm and I inevitably fall to sleep within minutes after they start.

I’m anxious to see what you’re working on.

Patsy said...

Hubby laughs because we have a nap button on the alarm. Punch it and in 20 minutes your are awakened. I use it some afternoons after school when I just don't think I can make it, but I hate taking naps. According to my mom I always have. Sometimes I post more in comments than I do on my blog. Enjoy the remainder of this day.

Joyce-Anne said...

Time management is probably my achiles heal. I'm working on it and teaching my children to manage their time well. I hope (for their sake) they can learn it.

LceeL said...

Myst_72: Yes - way too easy.

Jietje: I may be posting some stuff during the week that I've painted over this weekend. Miniatures.

Shadow: I am that - happy.

Tash: He is my youngest - and my least likely to successfully negotiate the social quagmires of dating.

Ayewonder: I wonder what it's going to be like after the first of the year?

Momisodes: I've been painting - I may have some stuff to show here during this week.

Tara R: It could work - but I don't know anyone who has tried it.

Redchair: I schedule posts - I may finish a post at 9pm - but schedule it for 12:01. Y'all will see my stuff soon enough.

Patsy: I have done - even though the Bears got KILLED today. I wonder if the anger will show up in my painting?

Joyce-Anne: Everyone's achilles heel, to be sure.

Hyphen Mama said...

So much to do... so little time. I'm doing less blogging and trying really hard to get more active parenting into my days. Good TV went by the wayside a while ago... leaving the mindless drivel I have in the background much of the time.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

It's hard to post in a dry spell, so I sympathize. And I also get the balance / sleep less / real life stuff getting in the way of blogging.