Campfire tales and other stuff

Inspired by yesterday's Haiku ....

"What are you doing?", she asked.
"Oh, just putting some stuff on these logs to get the fire started."
"What stuff?"
"Gasoline. I brought some in this squeeze bottle, just in case."
"Just in case of what?"
"Well, you know, in case the fire was hard to start or somethin'."
"Is the fire being hard to start?"
"Well, I don't know, really", he said, "but this is easier than trying to find newspaper and kindling and all that stuff."
"Well, that just seems a bit dangerous to me."
"It isn't if you know what you're doing."
"And you know what you're doing, do you?"
"Yeah. Sure. I used to be a Boy Scout."
"Fine, Mr. Scout. Are you sure you want to put so much on there?"
"Hey, no problem. I've done this a million times before."
"Okay, honey. You just go right ahead", she said, "but before you light that match, let me back up just a bit, okay?"
"You can back up if you want to .. but there is nothing to be afraid of ..."
"Are you okay?", she asked.
"Yeah. Why?"
"Because what's left of the hair on your legs is still smoking."
"Oh, shit!!"
"Stop dancing around and turn so I can see your face."
"ow ow ow ow ow"
"Stop your whining. It doesn't look too bad."
"My shorts are smoking!!!"
"Well, next time ... wear long pants. When you're done dancing around the campfire, come over here so I can clean your face."
"I think maybe I used too much gas."
"Oh, I'm sure of it. Now come over here and sit down - I've got to get my eyebrow pencil out ..."

Just a little vignette. For all you Boy Scouts and campers out there.

On another note - I am going to try to paint today - again. Maybe this time I can produce something that I'm happy with - because it has been SOOOO long since I've posted any new work on the other blog. I am determined to get something up there this weekend. I'm going to try a miniature. A 4x4 canvas. A small plate of grapes, I think. Or maybe oranges. Or maybe apples and oranges. People are always comparing them anyway, right?



Kelley said...

He he he.

Reminds me of the time MPS lit a fart and set his pants on fire...

Hope you get some painting done today :)

Nicole said...

Sweet :D

Reminds me of this day:

Hope you have a great weekend & fun painting :)!

Shadow said...

how funny. i think most of us know someone who's done just that!

happy painting dear LouCeel

M+B said...

Was that you lighting the camp fire??? *snigger*

moneythoughts said...

Good luck with your painting. It is a wet one down here in southwestern Ohio today.

Jientje said...

In Belgium we compare apples and pears, how funny!
Enjoy your painting Lou!

witchypoo said...

What medium are you using for the mini?

LceeL said...

Kelley: Thank you MPS. I've done that, too. Only I just singed all the hair off my butt.

Nicole: I remember that day, too.

Shadow: Did I say that was autobiographical?

m+b: Who? Me? Don't I strike you as much more intelligent than that?

Moneythoughts: It ain't exactly dry up here.

Jientje: Apples & Pears, eh?

Witchypoo: My typical - oil over an acylic tone.

Eric S. said...

OMG, I can vividly remember my brother doing that. Keep in mind, he is the only person I know who can run over his own foot with a wheel barrow while pushing it.

Hyphen Mama said...

Flashbacks of college. Hahaha... men!

Joyce-Anne said...

heeheehee. Just like a man...

Cathy said...

Very funny! Good luck with the painting!

maggie's mind said...

Hahahaha, some of the best stories involve camping. And fires. Happy painting!

Tara R. said...

You have no idea how much this brought back childhood memories. FYI...if you take the black powder out of fireworks and light it ... it explodes and will singe eyebrows... just saying. Dad's hair finally grew back a few weeks later.

www.ayewonder.com said...

Don't tell anyone but that, I've done.

LceeL said...

Eric S: There's nothing I can say.

Hyphen Mama: Yes, we're all alike.

Joyce-Anne: Yeah? What's yer point?

Cathy: Thank you, Cathy, very much.

Maggies Mind: I got a million of 'em.

Tara R: And all the women in the family kept him as fara away from fireworks as possible from that time forward, right?

Ayewonder: I won't tell a soul.

Momisodes said...

ROFL! My dad did that with the barbecue once many, many years ago. All the hair on his arms were gone in a flash :)

Can't wait to see what you've painted!

Cat said...

Too funny - Love the story!!!

paintings up yet?