The Great Sound Experiment

This little bit of text right here is a test of how I can include text BEFORE the Utter - so this is totally flexible and pretty cool. Click on the Orange thingy with the white arrow in it to start the sound - if you have speakers.

The idea here, is to see if there is any value to this notion of voicing a post. I can think of some value right off the bat. For example - I might type out something that is sarcastic in nature and someone could mis-read it and not get the sarcasm. If they hear me speak it, while they read it, perhaps the sarcastic nature of the remark would be clearer and less liable to misinterpretation. There is, also, the possibility of doing a video using Utterli, but I have seen my ugly mug in the light of my laptop screen and there is no way I'm going to inflict that on the world at large. I'll just keep it to myself, thank you. You WOULD thank me, if you'd seen what I saw. I am going to post this now - I want to see if I can precede or follow the Utter with additional text. Later on, I will add photos and so on - just to see how flexible this whole thing is. ta ta.

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Apparently I can go back and edit the post just like any other regular post and add text after the Utter.


I had lunch with Linda (Employee No. 3699) and her husband Paul, and his mother, Barbara (who is visiting from Florida) today. What a great time we all had. Linda's blog is The Random Memorandum and her MIL (Barbara) reads Linda's blog and because of that, started reading my blog. She lurks. She is a sweet lady. We ALL had a great two and a half hours sitting in the Chili's Restaurant in Shorewood, Il, chatting away. SWMBO was there as well, but time commitments meant she couldn't stay for the whole thing. But she was there long enough to make a good impression and tell a few stories on me, thereby ruining MY reputation. Linda and Paul are both great conversation and we could have gone on talking but the waitress was looking at her booth for eight with a real yearning.

Seriously, Linda and her husband are destined to be friends in real life, as well as out here in the blogosphere. And I couldn't be happier.

Pleanty of pictures were taken - Paul took some for Linda's blog, and Annie and I both took some shots for this blog. Linda and I plan to publish our separate pictures on the same day. We'll let y'all know.

That's it.



Shadow said...

that cool. i liked hearing your voice. an i'm not so sure about that 'ugly mug' you keep refering to. you said this: "our view is from the inside out, when really what we need, is to be outside looking in - to see what everyone else sees. In us." ha ha, right back at ya... but that's okay. for now. whatever makes you happy is good too!

Julie said...

That is cool. I like hearing your voice, and I love the idea that one can catch tone and meaning and sarcasm or humor!

Also very awesome that you made new friends in real life through blogging!

Mike said...

Hearing the Utter is a plus, I think. I will watch to see how you use it.

The lunch sounds great and it was good that your bride came along for awhile. Have a great weekend..

tiff said...

It was so nice to hear your voice. SO cool.
So amazing.
My kids said you sounded kind and gentle!

Tash said...

Hey Lou!!!!!!!!!! How lovely to hear your voice!! I like this Utterli thingy! And the ugly mug crack - don't believe it for a minute. Besides, even if it were remotely true, you forget we have the benefit of knowing you through your words first, Nothing could taint that for any of us!

M+B said...

How very cool to hear your voice! I'm sure your mug is not that ugly at all...

Isn't it great to make real life friends from bloggers?

Christy said...

That's cool!

I like your voice....Midwestern.

Now I realize I can NEVER DO IT.

I have a Kentucky accent.

Like nails on a chalkboard.

Nice finding bloggy friends in real life!!!

moneythoughts said...

It was good to hear your voice, but I don't know how accurate my little speaker is in this Apple ibook, but you sounded very nice. You also spoke in complete sentences. What is it with the people in Illinois that they speak in complete sentences? Is there something in the drinking water?

Nicole said...

Cool! Cool to know what your voice sounds like too :)
And people being able to hear sarcasm out of a voice when they can't tell by the written word?
If they are a bit like my husband, scratch that idea. I can point the sarcasm out to him and he doesn't get it ;)

Oh, glad you had fun on the Lunch! :D
And I'm looking forward to the pics!

Patsy said...

A voice to go with a name. How cool is that?!

And lunch with a virtual friend. Again how cool is that?!

Glad you are enjoying life to the fullest.

witchypoo said...

Can't wait to see the pics!
Not sure about Utterli yet. I find sound on websites distracting, you have to turn off your music and/or tv.

Eve Grey said...

Hearing your voice made me smile. Very cool!

Hyphen Mama said...

What fun to meet new people IN REAL LIFE that you've already known through their blog. I met one woman that way and I dearly love her.

I can't wait to see the pictures.

Of course while I had the voice going on this post, my kids were asking "Who is that?" It's my boyfriend, now hush.

Zoeyjane said...

Like Eve Grey, I was smiling, too.

Aren't blogger meet-ups the funnest? I can't wait til July. ;)

Honeybell said...

I think I may the only blogger in Kansas. Or I need to do more on farm reports maybe.

Love the Utter!

maggie's mind said...

Yay, yay, yay! Lou's voice, yay! Glad the bloggy meet up was fun. Anyone I've met so far has been even more fabulous in real life than online. Good stuff.

LceeL said...

Shadow: I am glad you enjoyed it.

Julie: It would be easier to get the subtext, sometimes, I think. And the meetup was fun.

Mike: Annie had a good time. I don't know how often i will use it, but the reaction has been positive so i think it will happen every once in a while.

Tiff: Aww. I DO love your kids.

Tash: Thank you, Tash. I just need something that will make me look better than the camera in the laptop. I look like the man in the moon.

M+B: Yes, it is so much fun to meet up and find that the people are just as great in person as they are online.

Christy: I happen to enjoy a genteel Kentucky accent.

Moneythoughts: I was reading prepared text, Fred. I always write in complete sentences.

Nicole: The lunch was great and the pics - well they're pics. Linda looks great.

Patsy: I am that, Patsy. I am.

Witchypoo: Not if you use headphones.

Eve Grey: Finding a comment from you made ME smile. Welcome home.

Hyphen Mama: Thank you for the promotion.

Zoeyjane: Oh man, me either.

Honeybell: The Utter was fun and will be back. There HAS to be more bloggers in Kansas.

Maggies Mind: Yes, it was good stuff. I love doing voice - I don't know about video, though.

Joyce-Anne said...

How cool was it to meet some bloggy friends. I'm glad a good time was enjoyed by all.

Momisodes said...

Why are you not on NPR?

And why aren't your stories on their either?

Because they both belong there you know.

I really enjoyed hearing your voice. You are so calm, composed, and distinguished in your tone. Just as I imagined it would be :)

So glad you had a wonderful time meeting everyone. Can't wait to see pics!

Suzanne said...

Ah, you answered my question. I wondered if Utterli also transcribed the spoken word. You said you were reading prepared text.

How cool that you've met some friends in the computer. I love doing that, but so far, it has only been message board friends. Trying to arrange a blog buddy meet for this week.

I can't wait to hear more Uttering!

Michael said...

Oh so you talk and it turns it into text on your blog, thats cool but I always say silly things

Cat said...

How wonderful!!! I cannot wait til the next time so I can make plans to join in!


Nan said...

How cool to put a voice to the words! THis is great, Lou!