Wordy Wednesday - as if ...

Normally, WW is a lengthy post meant to be opposite the 'Wordless Wednesday' which is usually a picture saying its thousand words or so. This one is going to be short. It seems I'm almost 12 hours late with this post. I got ill last night. Probably just a reaction to the spicy Chinese I had for supper. It's amazing how much water weight you lose when you have an upset stomach - an associated 'other' issues. I'm lighter right now than I have been in 10 years. But this is NOT a way I would recommend to lose weight. Not at all.



Manager Mom said...

Oof...sorry to hear about that. I've had a few run-ins with bad sushi in the past, myself.

Also Lou, wanted to drop by to tell you that I've shut down my blog for good, and I wanted to thank you so much for reading and commenting and just generally being fun and kick ass.

would have emailed you but can't seem to find your email.

Anyway thanks again and I wish you all the best.

Jennifer aka Manager Mom

Tara R. said...

Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Hope you're back to your old self very soon.

Loraine said...

Ugh. I hate being sick to my stomach... feel better.

I always forget about the days of the week community blog things- I tried for a bit, realized the extent to which I'm incapable of organization, and quit trying.

Jientje said...

Ewww, I can get very suspicious at Chinese food,(soooo many preservatives!) but it has never caused me any stomach problems.
I think the day that happens, I'll probably stay off Chinese food for months!
Can I get you anything, some water perhaps? I think you should drink a lot of water to drain some of that "poison" you swallowed?
Get well soon!

moneythoughts said...

Switch to Thai food, I like it much better than Chinese, and I love Chinese food. Try Pad Thai with veggies or chicken. Hope you feel better soon. Have been busy with family stuff. :( And, my ibook is giving me trouble. I hope I can get a new Mac laptop after Xmas. Working on my t-shirt business as holiday shopping is near. Know anyone looking to buy a Ski Cincinnati t-shirt? Just kidding. It is a local thing. Take care of yourself!!!

hockeychic said...

Oh, so sorry you are sick. That is the worst. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Hyphen Mama said...

Oh bummer! Hopefully if it's the Chinese food, it'll be out of your system soon.

Hope you're feeling better... AND thinner.. very soon.

LceeL said...

Manager Mom: I will truly miss you. My family is diminished, and that saddens me.

Tara R: I AM better, thanks.

Loraine: I just use that as a crutch, sometimes, when I need an idea.

Jientje: Thank you, darlin'. I'm feeling much better.

Moneythoughts: Thanks, Fred. Ski Cincinatti? Now THAT's funny.

hockeychic: I'm better, now. Thanks.

Hyphen Mama: Under 220 for the first time in many years.

Melissa said...

I just had the same experience, but I know mine was salmonella. Not fun. I didn't eat solid food for a week. But my stomach? Is still so flat! My husband says it is proof positive that I was full of shit.

www.ayewonder.com said...

I feel your pain, brother Lou. I had food poisoning about 6-8 weeks ago. It's brutal.

Myst_72 said...

Oh Lou - please feel better soon, and get into the fluids - especially gastrolyte or whatever you guys have that is similar.


Joyce-Anne said...

I am not a novice when it comes to stomach ailments. I'm sorry you were not feeling well but glad to hear you're on the mend. Remember to drink, drink, drink (non-alcoholic) fluids--you don't want to dehydrate.

witchypoo said...

So glad you feel better now. It really is hard to type with one end in the sink, and the other on the jakes, innit?

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

Oh, Lou. I'm sorry. That is certainly the WORST way to lose weight - and sadly, it comes right back. I hope you feel better soon.

Honeybell said...

Feel better my friend!

Eric S. said...

Lou, take it easy, and get better. Hope you don't suffer too much, I know what it's like, and it's not fun. Just take care of yourself, and get better.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on hitting your target weight, but commiserations on the journey there. I really do hope you feel better soon. Take it easy my friend.

LceeL said...

Melissa: I would never say something like that to you. Flat tummy, eh? Cool.

Ayewonder: I'm not so sure it was food poisoning - not severe enough for that. Just a bad reaction to something, that's all.

Myst_72: Thanks, Gina. I have been hydrating.

Joyce-Anne: Like I said - I have been hydrating.

Witchypoo: You've been watching, haven't you?

AFF: Holly, I'm not going to let it come back.

Honeybell: Thank you, darlin'.

Eric S: Thanks, bud. I will.

abritdifferent: Thank you, Siobhan. Tough getting there. But I'm there!!!

Lola said...

Oh, been there, Lou, and it is amazing how much water we're all carrying around. It's the one bright side to the horror. At least you can say you weighed such and such for a day.

Feel better!

Shadow said...

poor you. hugs and cuddles for you! to make you better soooooon!!!

Momisodes said...

Ugh. I HATE have stomach issues. I hope you're feeling better today.