But I have an excuse ...

I missed just about everybody's blogs yesterday. A busy day at work - where I will usually fill in time between tasks with a little blog reading (and commenting), and a busy evening. But it was a good busy evening. I sat down with Luscious in my lap and I started typing in the 'Sarah' story and it just came pouring out. I finished the first draft of the first scene (at 3300 words or so) and then got into the next scene to the tune of 1500 words, or so. I'm still in the first stages of this story.

I'll explain ... when I wrote The Kid, I wrote the first three episodes without a clear vision of where the story was going to go. But after I got him to the tarmac in Kansas City, I could 'see' the rest of the story. It was like I had to get him there before the rest of the story revealed itself to me. And that's the way I think it is with Sarah. I know where the story is going to end - just as I did with 'The Kid', but the path is not clear, yet. So I'm just 'following my nose'. Going where the story wants to take me. And Luscious is my inspiration. Well .. not really. But she makes it nicer. I type better on this very soft, very easy keyboard. It flows smoother .. better ... because the touch of this keyboard is just so luxurious.

Anyway, not to go orgasmic over Luscious, Sarah is starting to move on me. I have a new character now, a desert woman named Ma Gleason, who owns the motel where Sarah finds refuge and a certain comfort in knowing she's safe. It's starting to come alive for me.

I have had some feedback from some of you regarding what it's like to read 'The Kid' straight through and all at once. Plus, I printed a copy (10 pages on both sides) and put it in a binder and gave it to a friend of mine who was flying to California over the weekend. She is not a blogger and never read any of it before. She was VERY enthusiastic about it. And I was pleased. There have been some bloggers who've read it for the first time, as well, and they have been equally as enthusiastic. And I have been equally as pleased and more than a little amazed at the reactions. I find it hard to read, myself, but I think it's because I wrote it. Everyone who does the straight-through thing tells me they get 'sucked in'. Cool.

I am also, and I can't believe I'm doing this, starting a project to recast 'The Kid' as a movie treatment and screen play. In my mind, I see this as a 1950's type film noir, very sparse and dark.

I have to go to bed now. Otherwise, in 20 minutes I'm going to be late with this post. And I really don't like that. 'Nite.



Jientje said...

I'm glad this new laptop of yours inspires you that much!
I will be back to read the whole story all in one time, but I did not have the time to do it yet!
Got to go too, or I will be late!
That stupid comment box does not take my Google account password? Ewww!

Shadow said...

you carry on with the sarah story. and if luscious helps, all the better!!!

Patsy said...

There you go teasing again. You tell us about Sarah and how she is going to be in the desert with Ma Gleason and then we are hanging.
Keep writing and polishing but please start letting us read soon. I'm just itching to get into this story.

calicobebop said...

Ooo, film noir! Exciting!!

www.ayewonder.com said...

Lou, you are so dedicated. Did you get a chance to read my old post about going to Mac as you did?
It's been a year now and my only wish is that I did it sooner.

Eve Grey said...

Wow Lou, exciting things happening for you. I have favourited The Kid and will read it by the end of the week!

Tash said...

Just knew she would flow out of you when you started... enjoy!!!! Can't wait to read it.

Momisodes said...

I knew the Mac would inspire you :) Just kidding.

Sounds like you're really making some headway here. I'm so pleased that you're getting some positive feedback with The Kid.

Hope you're squeezing in some time to sleep these days.

Hyphen Mama said...

Does Annie feel like she's losing Lou time to Sarah and The Kid?

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

A movie treatment!!! How exciting! I see an Oscar in your future. :)

witchypoo said...

Well, sure, go orgasmic over Luscious. But it could get messy.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are loving your new Mac, but really, how could you not?

You are such a creative man Lou, and I need to make time to sit down and read The Kid. I'm feeling a bit left out. Self-made left out of course.

Loraine said...

Actually, as I read it, it was already a film noir in my mind's eye...

Anonymous said...

The fact that you being with an apology reminds me that you are a far, far better person/blogger than I. I have been wrapped up in a passion play of my own, doing something creative, trying for it to bloom. I have had no time to do anything but. But, I'm here because I can't stay away, even though I don't have time. I have time for you, always.

LceeL said...

Jientje: It seems you got your password thing figured out. I'm glad.

Shadow: Sarah is starting to take on a life of her own.

Patsy: I soon as I figure out how I'm going to present the story. I promise.

Calicobebop: Yeah. Undoubtedly my favorite film genre.

Ayewonder: Not yet, Mike. But I will. I am so impressed with this machine.

Eve Grey: I look forward to your review.

Tash: It's been cooking for a while and it's starting to flow.

Momisodes: I'm getting SOME sleep, Sandy. Just some.

Hyphen Mama: As long as I rub her back at night I'm pretty much free to do as I please.

Holly ATOM: Wouldn't THAT be amazing?

Witchypoo: Shall I wear a condom?

abritdifferent: I've been waiting for you to read it, Siobhan.

Loraine: Really? How cool.

Conversemomma: That, THAT, was truly flattering. I am honored.

Jientje said...

I hope nothing is wrong?
So busy working on the new story that you forgot to blog a new post?
Never mind, I'll be back later!

Hyphen Mama said...

No pressure. I just hope that you're going to post later today and that you are OKAY and nothing is awry.