Friday Haiku - music

Haiku Friday

I never know where
the music I listen to
will take my writing

music informs me
takes me where I need to go
helps me find my muse

that which I like best
plaintive and melancholy
helps me find my mood

I love my iPod
necessary adjunct to
fingers and keyboard

I may try longhand
in order to feel it more
a pen and paper

a pen with broad nib
and rough paper with good tooth
feel them as they write

perhaps deep meaning
writ slow and deliberate
will mean deeper still

This answers one of the questions from the week - but I will answer that question again tomorrow, just to play it fair and square. Which is how I would always play it - if played it must be. Fair and square. That which I would teach my children - and my grandchldren, when and if they come. My pay-it-forward for the universe. And perhaps ten thousand years from now there will be thousands upon thousands of people, my decendants, whose motto is "fair and square" and there'll be enough of them to make the world a better place. If you're going to daydream - do it large.

Which leads me to another notion. The idea that your 'fair and square' might not necessarily square with mine. My rules might be different. Or yours. But the general idea is that I'm true to my rules, as long as my rules don't hurt you. And vice versa. You have to be true to yours - as long as they don't hurt me. And where our rules don't square up, well, we'll just have to agree to disagree. And make the world go 'round.

I have been taking questions all this week, to be answered tomorrow. This is the last chance to ask your questions and have them answered tomorrow. So ask away. All questions will be acknowledged, if not answered directly. And if I cannot or will not answer your question, I'll give you a good reason why.


Shadow said...

how strange. i too write to what the music i listen to makes me feel. mostly with a keyboard. and other times, when something really grabs me, i have my notepad and pencil (i like a pencil) and sit exactly there where it grabbed me, and write. i like your thinking and your writing!

and a cup of coffee sounds great.
who knows when. who knows where. and then i can pick your mind too, heee heee heee

witchypoo said...

Question: Is Annie so secure that your outrageous cyber flirting doesn't bother her?

Michael said...

I reckon you should write a story about the Large Hadron Collider, its certainly done its rounds in the media, everyone at Lukes school thought the world was ending.
Fair & Square, yes if everyone was like that the world would be a better place.
Hope you have a great weekend

Nicole said...

"You can do what you want as long as it harms no one..."

And I love this Haiku :)!

Shý said...

that was sooo beautiful... luv it!

Patsy said...

I like what you had to say. I don't listen to music while I'm at my computer. But music does affect my moods. Pen vs keyboard is always intesting. When I write my 100 words it is on the keyboard, but my haikus are always with pen/pencil and paper. Usually just some scrap laying on the table next to the keyboard. But haikus never come on the keyboard. Maybe it is that counting syllables thing. :) I'm looking forward to your answers to a couple of things I'm curious about that have been asked. Until tomorrow then.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm a believer in the 'fair and square' and 'do unto others...' also.

I'll be gone for Girls' Weekend with no access to the internet until late Sunday. I'll have to read your answers then. I hope you'll answer Witchypoo's question above, I'm curious about that too.

Eve Grey said...

That's a great motto. If only the "universe" played fair. I do tell my kids a lot lately that life is not fair. You can stack the odds by working hard and they're already stacked by their birthright (health, country, etc...) but the sooner they realize that sometimes things just "happen" the more freeing it is.
You are so right that if everyone played fair the world would be a much better place.

moneythoughts said...

Paper and tooth: now that's a man that likes to draw. I used to receive research reports in big envelopes from several different brokerage firms and I would save the envelopes to write and draw. Each one was different in color and texture. I even took some home to my shop for drawing objects I would make in my shop. Good memories.

Fair and Square: Have you ever heard of "GHGN"? It stands for "greatest good for the greatest number." This came from the English philosophers like Mills and Hobbes. Your "fair and square", while I don't know what all it encompasses, reminds me a bit of "GHGN". It all goes back to the "Golden Rule" treat others as you wish to be treated." The problem is, some people have a very different idea of how people should be treated.

One more thing: I hope by now you are taking your ability to write seriously. You have a talent, I just hope you recognize it.

Tash said...

I like it Lou - play it fair. I try to live by "do unto others" Can't pretend I always always succeed. Sometimes we lose our way.. but generally...

Pen and paper for me. Either my fountain pen or a very sharp pencil. I once got out of the shower dripping wet to write something down and the only place I could find was on the bathroom counter with a pencil. Whatever works right

Sandy C. said...

Fair and square- I like it :)

The more I get to know you, the more I find we have much in common. I am the same with music. Nothing evokes more direction, emotion and inspiration than while listening to music.

LceeL said...

Shadow: I like the way you think, as well. Your poetry is stunning.

witchypoo: The simple answer is "Yes." Full answer tomorrow - directly from her.

michael: You, too, have a great weekend.

nicole: Me and my haiku thank you.

shy: Thank you, ma'am

patsy: yes, 'til tomorrow, then.

employee: Annie, herself, will answer that question.

eve grey: Like I said - if you're going to daydream - do it large.

moneythoughts: Thank you, Fred. Fair and Square - In my mind it belongs right up there with "Do No Harm".

tash: Right. Whatever works. "Out of the shower, dripping wet" ... goosebumps.

Sandy C: Almost every bit of The Kid has been written to a small set of Enya tunes that I love.

www.ayewonder.com said...

Play fair is a good rule.
Chicken or the egg?

Joyce-Anne said...

I like your defintion of fair and square.

The world would be a sad and dismal place without music. I live for music. Lyrics and music have the ability to transport me to far away places of peace, happiness, solitude and comfort.

LceeL said...

ayewonder: Mike, I just KNEW you would pose a conundrum.

Joyce-Anne: I, too, would be hard put to do without music.

Hyphen Mama said...

Fair & Square! I love it. I'm going to try pounding that into the minds of the little urchins who's lives I micromanage.

My Question: Are you serious? I mean, with the part at witchy's site today where you said you slept on your right side...for the first time since you hurt your ribs?

I'll have to grab a few minutes of quiet time to read tomorrow's post. I'm sure it'll be SO informational!

And thank you for your side note this morning. I feel like my brain is on spin cycle, and I just might have to take your advice. Thanks!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Wow, you're good. I need silence when I'm writing.

LceeL said...

Hyphen Mama: I will ALWAYS try to be there for you. Any time. Any way. You need only ask.

Holly ATOM: Some people do. I need silence when I'm trying to study. But if I'm writing, it helps me focus my mood to listen to the right kind of music.

Jientje said...

Please visit my Belgian blog, today's post;
The Haiku on listening to the music, and how I look like when I am with the music?

Christy said...

I like the paper and tooth image, too....one of the most tactile feelings I've gotten from a poem.


MommyWizdom said...

(Your link is broken at A Mommy Story..) But I found you anyway...

Nice haiku; music inspires me too.

Have a great weekend!

Eric S. said...

I do listen to music when I'm serious about writing. Unfortunately that is usually very late at night. Perhaps I should get a quality set of head phones.

As to keyboard or paper. I have to say keyboard. For some reason it keeps my thoughts on track and lets them flow. Pen and paper simply is not enjoyable to me. But I prefer to read real paper books instead of digital or E-books.

Fair and Square, I just wish everybody felt the same.

Tara R. said...

The only question I could think of was: "boxers or briefs?"

maggie's mind said...

When I'm actually thinking and writing, music distracts me. Odd. True. Other times I love it, though.

I like your idea of fair and square and how we can see it differently. I have my own rules/standards that I hold myself to, but I don't expect the same of others, and as long as nobody is losing an eye or something, it's all good.

Jientje said...

It all makes perfectly sense to me.
I have no questions.
Only one answer.