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Shadow asked - what is your favourite topic of conversation?

Aside from the range of usual topics shared by all men - Sex, baseball, football, soccer, golf, Sex, women, cars, motorcycles and Sex - my favourite topic is Science - all forms and flavors of Science, but especially Physics, Geology and Archeology. Glad you asked?

Christy asked - How do you feel, as a Vietnam Vet, about McCain?

As a Viet Nam vet, I am not influenced one way or the other by the fact the John McCain is a fellow vet. Other than that, I will no longer talk about politics on my blog or in my comments. Nor religion, either.

witchypoo asked - Will you write more about Vietnam? I loved your piece about Puff.

Viet Nam was a painful place to be, physically, mentally and emotionally. I rarely, RARELY talk about it, but when I do, I try to keep the conversation geared toward the memories which are least difficult to go to. There aren't a whole lot. I guess the answer is 'Maybe'.

myst_72 asked - Do you find it hard talking/writing about Viet Nam?

Yes - see the answer above.

Do you think your life would be different if you hadn't gone - and if so in what way?

I am certain it would have. I came home with some real issues and it took many years and a failed marriage to get past them. Had I not gone into the service, and not gone to Viet Nam, I might have stayed the course and pursued my career in theater.

Employee No. 3669 asked - Do any of your family or friends read your blog? If so, what do they think?

No one I know reads my blog regularly - that I know of. However, my cousin Diane reads it at least once in a while, apparently, because the time I outted Grannie about her flatulence, it got back to her - and the source was Diane. There are some people I know who watch my other blog (the Art blog), but as far as I know, they don't read this one.

Loraine asked - Questions? How do YOU feel about the Large Hadron Collider machine thing? Will it toss the Earth out of orbit??

Whenever there is a new science or scientific device out there, ready to be tested for hte first time, there will be people convinced that use of that science or device is going to end the world. It has happened before (A-Bomb, for example), it will happen again. And no, the LHC ain't gonna get us.

Joyce-Anne asked - My questions for you, do you enjoy music? Do you sing and/or play an instrument?

I love music - I write with the mood established by listening to music. Years ago I played some guitar and I used to sing in choir, but not any longer.

Holly at Tropic of Mom asked - OK, here's a question -- how did you meet and/or fall in love? (with your wife, a grandchild, anyone)

Annie and I met on October 8th, 1976. I was the bus driver. She was a passenger. As she was getting off the bus I asked her if she wanted to go to a Paul Stukey concert at Concordia College the following Saturday evening. She said 'Yes". The rest, as they say, is history. Someday I'll tell the whole story in a post - but I never saw any of the four women I was going out with at the time, again.

Honeybell asked - My question: Does your wife read your blog, and if so, what does she think about it?

Annie does not read my blog. She knows about it, and I often discuss some of the stuff from 'out here' with her, but she does not read it. She does not read my email, either nor do I read hers.
Even within a 31 year marriage, there is room for 'personal space'.

Sandy C asked - a bunch o' questions - My questions:
- What is your dream job? And why?

My dream 'job', if you could call it that, would be that of a 'Writer' or 'Author". Why? Because I could speak and get my whole point across.

- If there is 1 thing in the past that you had a chance to "do over," what would it be?

There are things I wish I had done differently - but nothing that I would change. If I changed anything, the thread of my life would unravel and there would be no way to know where I would be now. And I LIKE where I am now.

- If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Right across the street from you.

- Blondes or Brunettes? Morning or night? Coffee or tea?

Brunettes (although I wouldn't kick a Blond out of bed for eating crackers). Morning, Noon AND Night. Coffee.

- If a renowned, talented plastic surgeon offered you 1 free service, would you do it?

No. I like me just as I am, thank you.

abritdifferent asked a bunch, too - 1. What's your fave board game? Trivial Pursuit
2. What's your fave meal/comfort food? 3 minute eggs, over bread, with salt, pepper and butter.
3. What household chore do you hate doing? yardwork.
4. What's your fave colour? blue. But it was Red when I was a wee lad.
5. Are you REALLY going to blog every day next year too? I'm sure as hell going to try.

Kelley from MagnetoBoldToo asked some, as well - Questions?

OK, scrunch or fold of toilet paper? Fold - when you scrunch, your finger pokes through.
Have you ever bitten your nails, fingers or toes? Yes. All of them. Toes as a child.
And nipple rings. Do you have them or would you consider? I do not. And Annie won't let me.

witchypoo asked -
Question: Is Annie so secure that your outrageous cyber flirting doesn't bother her?

I emailed this question to Annie. Her answer follows. Keep in mind - her answer is colored by her reaction to the word 'outrageous' in the question. She didn't know whether the word should be accompanied by a frown or a smiley face. Oh - and the last thing she refers to is a conversation in which i told her about Tiff's Ivy and the Internet Petition. Her answer:
Answer: Yes, I am more than secure when it comes to Lou. I trust who he is as well as how he is (even though I have to remind him that it can make those who don't know him well enough to feel uneasy). He has not really changed in the last 30+ years. He has always been a huge flirt who is known for his outgoing personality. Oddly enough, this is how he acts towards friends, and as far as I can remember, not towards me. Towards/with me, he has been/is gentle and calm. While Lou flirts energentically towards other women, he gives me massages to help me sleep at night. He hugs and kisses/'pecks' my friends who know he is loyal to me. He winks and even has a 'routine' with the hostess at a restaurant we frequent. My only concern, which I remind him of and which I truly hope all of you understand, is that you know it is all in fun. It is just a way in which he expresses he really cares. He NEVER means to make anyone uncomfortable, and if this is the case, one needs to tell him. So, to answer the question...Yes, I am secure when it comes to my relationship with Lou. I just hope he is not making anyone uncomfortable with his "outrageous cyber flirting". Down deep, Lou cares so much about all of you 'blogging friends'....so much so he got emotionally choked up at dinner last night talking about you and yours (which he is not prone to doing).

Mike from ayewonder asked - Question: Chicken or the egg?

The egg, Mike. The Egg. All things come from the egg.

Hyphen Mama asked - My Question: Are you serious? I mean, with the part at witchy's site today where you said you slept on your right side...for the first time since you hurt your ribs?

Perfectly serious. I slept on my right side for the first time since I hurt my ribs.

And, lastly, Tara asked - The only question I could think of was: "boxers or briefs?"

Actually, they're boxer-briefs. Boxers are loose - too loose. Briefs are too tight. Thank God for boxer-briefs.

I was thinking about linking back to each questioner - but I am dead tired. This post must publish in 36 minutes - and I just got home from work. Long day. Forgive me, please, the lack of linkage?



calicobebop said...

Wow - learned a lot of great things about you! Thanks for sharing!

Myst_72 said...

Awesome Lou.

Great answers.


Shadow said...

yes, now i know what to talk to you about. so you're a logics kinda guy?!?!

lots of interesting tidbits in here. wow, you certainly sleep still. i sleep on my left, my right, my back, my tummy, every night, a few times a night, and i hog space and the duvet. do you hog the duvet btw? ooops, too late to ask questions now. where there any you didn't answer? curious you know...

moneythoughts said...

Very interesting.

LceeL said...

calicobebop: This was fun. We'll do it again, sometime, I'm sure.

myst_72: I'm sorry that your answer seems short. But I really don't like talking/writing about it. I hope you understand.

shadow: Thanks for the warning - I'll keep that in mind -just incaase we ever have the chance to ... nevermind. Annie and I have a HUGE bed - room for 4, easily. Ahem. We each have our own duvet. So there's no hogging. And the bed is big enough so that it's alomost impossible to hog space - unless, of course, there's more than two in there. And I answered all of the questions that I took to be questions.

LceeL said...

moneythoughts: Good morning, Fred. Yup. I try to keep things interesting around here.

Lady Language said...

Wow, that was a great post. I especially enjoyed Annie's comments, and yes, we all know you are not some cyber creep :-) All in good fun, what's life without a little flirting and fun?

Patsy said...

Lou, as much as I enjoy you, I love your wife! When a woman can feel that secure and at ease is a beautiful thing. I too am married to a public flirt --- oh, but so is he. We just agreed a long, long time ago to know that at the end of any evening we would be going home with each other and would be happy about that. It has worked well for us.
My daughters read my blog -- they sometimes ask questions about what I write (especially on 100 Words) and my mom drops by on occasion. That at times tempers what I say.
But hubby never goes there and he definatly isn't a blogger. His emails to me even tend to be one or two words in length. Can't see him blogging.
TMI I know. Have a good day.

Elizabeth said...

I loved your answers!

"- If a renowned, talented plastic surgeon offered you 1 free service, would you do it?
No. I like me just as I am, thank you."

I'd get my boobs done. :)

LceeL said...

lady language: Heh, heh.

patsy: We've agreed to share whoever we bring home.

elizabeth: I wonder how I'd look with pectoral implants and a chest hair transplant.

Hyphen Mama said...

Oh yes... now your bloggy friends love Annie! I hope you tell her so.

Some of these questions would be a great meme to send around, like the ones from Sandy C, abritdifferent and Kelley.

And Lou, if you decide to move... please PLEASE let it be to Denver. Even if you don't move to Denver, maybe you'll consider bringing your beautiful wife and kids out for a mountain get-away and a Blog-Friend-Meet-Up.

Joyce-Anne said...

Lou, I want you to move to New York. In fact, there a house just around the corner for sale... My husband works in the computer industry and could line up at least an interview or two. I like how this is coming together. I'd love to get to know Annie better. Absolutely loved her answer.

abritdifferent said...

I loved your answers Lou, it's always fun to read this stuff. I thought on another question a few mins ago, it's frivolous again, but who cares? What's your fave jam flavour? I love seedless raspberry, blackberry and plum. I do like strawberry, but I prefer to think outside the strawberry box.

Btw, your wife sounds like an absolute gem. I love that woman. I really enjoyed reading her answer.

Karen said...

My hubby is a Viet Nam Vet too. He rarely talks about it. I have been searching for answers about exposure to Agent Orange. Do you have any problems caused by exposure? What are they, and have you been to the VA about it?

LceeL said...

hyphen mama: Yeah, she's a keeper. And I love the idea of a mountain get-away and a Blog-Friend meet up. Absolutely.

joyce-anne: New York, eh? Upstate? Long Island? The Lakes? Where? Love the job interview thing - but I have age discrimination to face now.

abritdifferent: Lovely Siobhan, I like plum jam, as well. But my special favorite is marmalade. I also like peanut butter and grape jelly with banana and bacon.

Karen: Thankfully, I waas spared any contact with Agent Orange, as far as I know. My problems were all squarely between my ears.

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

It's cracking me up how much your answers are what I would consider vintage Lou. Glad to see you're avoiding the politics, too.

www.ayewonder.com said...

This actually was a great idea and great post. How would you feel if I copied the idea sometime down the road. (not sure I'd get as many questions as you)
As always, hats off.

Jientje said...

I loved what you said about the eggs!
Real stuff is what matters to you huh?
I'm so glad you said that.
I sooooooo loved reading this post, Lou!
You are, were, and still are the man I thought you were when I met you.
(ooooh,what a nutty sentence,)
And I love you even more for this! Hugs and kisses. xxx

LceeL said...

AFF: Holly, I salute and join you in your no politics blogging. And 'vintage' Lou? Hmmm. I've got 'em all lulled into a false sense of security ...

ayewonder: Mike, you're more than welcome, Sir, to copy this idea if you like. Besides, I'm pretty sure it's not very original, anyway.

LceeL said...

Jientje: Hugs and kisses to you, too. I love you, too, sweetheart.

Trac said...

Great answers :O)

(I wish I had remembered to get a question in on time now)

I think your wife sounds great!

Eric S. said...

Lou interesting post, kind of an additional introduction. You sound like a pretty down to earth kind of guy, who BTW has an obviously wonderful wife. I thinks its funny you flirt with others but not your wife. I understand what she meant you give her whats important. I flirt also, because its "safe" meaning that I could never follow it up for I too am a devoted husband.

LceeL said...

Trac: Thank you, Trac. Ask away, I'll try to answer.

Eric S.: Eric, you're never, EVER, supposed to admit that out loud. They have to 'assume' that - but you also have to leave 'em wondering ....

Trac: You emailed me a question I will repeat here: What are your 8 songs/artists for your stay on a desert island?
Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Chapin
Mummer's Dance - Loreena McKennitt
Boudica - Enya
Drifting - Enya
Drought - Vienna Teng
The Jeannie C. - Stan Rogers
Turnaround - Stan Rogers
Gaudette - Steeleye Span

Trac said...

Fantastic Lou.
I agree that anyone's answers would probably change tomorrow, if asked the same question.

Like I said, Desert Island Discs is an old radio programme, over her in the UK.
And a question, that Adrian Sudbury asked on his blog!

Also... I don't know some of your answers, but I shall look them up! :O)

I might even put my answers on my blog sometime... I'll let you know!


Myst_72 said...

Lou - Your answer was fine - I didn't actually expect you to say much.
I do understand.
There are some things you just can't write about.
I thought this may be one of those things for you, but wanted the opportunity to acknowledge your experience also.

And to tell you in my eyes you are a hero. I mean that.


LceeL said...

Trac: I look forward to it.

Myst_72: The only bad part about receiving such a lovely compliment is that there's no way to work a comment about that fabulous RACK into the response. Thank you, very much.

maggie's mind said...

I've been looking forward to the answers ever since I started seeing the questions. I like you, Lou. You are just good people, and Annie sounds completely awesome and so perfect for you, too.

LceeL said...

Maggies Mind: I like you, too, Maggie. I've been reading you for a while - that Haiku you've been running on Friday's has been stunning. I'm almost sorry to see it end - but given what you detail in it - it had to. Good for you, Maggie. Good for you.

tiff said...

Oh Lou,
I just loved this post, LOVED it! It's nice to get to know you better.

Bridge said...

I loved Annie's answer to the question about cyberflirting. I especially love her description of how you are different with her than with the women--however interesting--outside your relationship. You are lucky to have each other, and it sounds like you both know it.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Lou, you can't move. You're only about 25 minutes from me...and someday I hope we'll meet in person.

Thanks for answering my question. My husband and a cousin read my blog and a few others peek in once in awhile.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

A fascinating life for sure, Lou! Thanks.

Nicole said...

"any of the 4 women"...hehe.
Sometimes you sound so much like my husband.
He did something similar btw. And no, after that date he didn't see any of those women again either ;)


It seems that most Vets rarely talk about their experiences. Hubby only tells some funny things about the monkeys in Panama, that's about it.
I only met 1 guy that talked about some experiences more freely.


I like your answer on the "do over" question - similarities here :)


"it can make those who don't know him well enough to feel uneasy"

I can sign that part for Floyd and me as well. People sometimes don't know what to think of us. Neither him nor me. Oh well ;)

Annie is truly a great blessing for you. Flirtatious people like us (at least 3 of us) seldom find the right partner who understands.
I think the 4 of us would get along well :)
Any house for rent in the neighborhood?


P.S.: Hubby even wears the same type of underwear :D


Thanks for all this. It's always great to know more about you :)!