Snuck up on me

Monday has snuck up on me so fast - here it is Monday morning and I haven't posted for the day - should have been done yesterday evening and scheduled for 12:01, like I like to do, but MEH! Last night was so cool. I got into the next episode of The Kid and I couldn't stop. So now, this coming Thursday is done and and the following Thursday is ready for revision. It's an exciting piece that takes place at the Kansas City Airport.

I have a million things to do today. And it starts right now.

Later y'all.



Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you have a full day ahead of you... enjoy it!

For the airport scene... did you include annoying TSA agents who want to screen your Burger King lunch?

Honeybell said...

Whee! Kansas City! I'll think of you and the The Kid every time I go to the airport now!

Tash said...

Life has snuck up on me - didn't post yesterday, hoping to post today, and still can't get off my ass long enough to draft this friggin contract for this client! Grr!

Enjoy your monday

Employee No. 3699 said...

Looking forward to Thursday's post! Hope you have a great day today!


Christy said...

That's one airport I've never been to. And I live in Missouri!


redchair said...

Excited to read the next story on the kid.

maggies mind said...

Life is sneaky like that, but I am glad you were all into the next episode of the Kid, and I look forward to it!

Audubon Ron said...

For a minute there I thought you wrote "Suck up on me"

If so, I was about to really find out what in the hell was going on here.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

You said it: Meh! Mondays.

LceeL said...

elizabeth: Nope. No TSA in 1950. Which as fortunate - because the murder would be completely different.

honeybell: Cool. That's cool.

tash: I noticed that. I was hoping there was nothing wrong. Hang in there. You'll get your stuff done - because that's how you are.

employee: Me, too. toodles.

Christy: Yeah, but it's on the other side of the state.

redchair: Reviewer wanted. Lou.

maggies mind: Into it? Yes, I was. Couldn't stop. Now I just have to pretty it up.

audubon ron: Freudian misconception there, Ron?

holly: I'll say it again- MEH. And later I'll tell you why.

Hyphen Mama said...

I'm waiting with baited breath!

warriorwoman said...

I'm happy for you, wrapped up with the kid story, you appear to be enjoying it.

Alice said...

Cool. Later babe.

I've got a zillion blogs to catch up on.

LceeL said...

hyphen mama: You got me - hook, line and sinker.

warriorwoman: I am having a ball. Now I know I can write a book.

alice: Me too.