Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

First day was today
Zach is a High School Senior
Where has the time gone?

My littlest boy
Almost grown to manhood now
but not quite there yet.

He is gangly tall
too thin and not strong enough
Will he stand up well?

School is not easy
When you are a nerd or geek
people pick on you.

He will have it rough
Asbergers isn't easy
for him or for them.

They won't understand
They will just see 'diff er ent'
and they will be mean.

It's all up to him
he stands up to me these days
maybe he will, them.


maggie's mind said...

First, I'm totally confused by this whole back to school mid-August thing, but also I loved the sentiment here. Kids really can be mean, even big kids who are old enough to know better. I do hope he is able to stand up to them.

Shadow said...

hey! good luck to your son on his big journey starting high school

Audubon Ron said...

Kick butt Zach.

jientje said...

He'll get through this as well as all the previous things he's been facing in life. I'm sure he will!
You did too, didn't you? Well then?

Christy said...

Lou, I have a senior too.

She is a cheerleader, but she wouldn't pick on your son. I swear that.

There is some value in adversity at that age, if it isn't TOO bad.....I had some, did you?

Or were you "golden boy"?

I often shake my head that *I*, nerdy, geeky me, have popular daughters. I cannot really counsel them on many things...."who do I pick when 2 guys want to take me to a dance, mom?" (I never had a date in high school....LOL)


And I hope my girls turn out nice, and not mean.....in a way, that's something I could not abide, like I'd ALMOST rather they had issues.

Not quite, though.

My heart would go out to them too much, like yours does your son.

He will be fine, I think......

Employee No. 3699 said...

Good luck to Zach. My niece is a senior this year in Plainfield, wonder if they know each other?

Have a great weekend, Lou.

Tara R. said...

Here's to a great senior year... Go Class of '09!

Patsy said...

I had to look up Asbergers Syndrome. He has made it this far, he will make it much farther. He has a wonderful support base ---Go Zach, enjoy this year of your life because there is none other like it.
As you worry, know you aren't alone many of us will be thinking and praying for you.

Joyce-Anne said...

There's a pit in the bottom of my stomach. Part of it is for you and Zach and the other is for me and my little guy. He's just been diagnosed PDD/NOS and I'm very worried how he will do in kindergarten (pre-school didn't go too well). I live in the northeast and school starts after Labor Day. Meanwhile, I will keep thinking positive thoughts and a prayer in my heart for both of us and our sons.

LceeL said...

maggies mind: Thanks Maggie. I've got my fingers crossed.

Shadow: thank you. this is his 4th year of High School, though.

audubon ron: I'll tell him you said that.

jientje: I would wish him an easier time than I had.

Christy: I was the furthest thing there was from a 'golden boy'.

employee: I'll ask him.

tara r: Yes. to the Class of '09!!

patsy: Thank you Patsy. that was so sweet.

Joyce-Anne: Having been there and done that, if there is anything I can do to help, you just let me know. Seriously, use my gmail.com anytime. It's lou.lohman@

Hyphen Mama said...

I've been wondering about Zach and school. This is a different school than he's been going to,right?

As a mom, my heart breaks at the thought of a child being bullied, treated badly or made to feel inferior. When I was in high school, there were several boys who were dif-er-ent who the athlete boys took under their wings and really made a difference for them.

Go Zach, GO! All the best for your Senior year!

Sandy C. said...

As someone who was at times a nerd, and always gangly tall, my mommy heart breaks at the thought of kids bulling.

Kids can be awfully cruel. But you are his father. And he's made it this far with your guidance. I just know he'll stand up, just as you would.

LceeL said...

Hyphen mama: Yup. Different school. He's tough, though, and getting tougher.

Sandy C: Now that's Sweet.

jientje said...

Of course you would!

Elizabeth said...

I hope Zach has a fantastic senior year. If he's looking for a date to the prom let me know... I never went to mine! ;)

Eve Grey said...

I didn't know your son has Asberger's. I know a few kids who do & my uncle by marriage does as well. Almost seems like there is one kid in every family who has some sort of challenge. He is one step closer to finishing high school and then it's done forever. That's a good thing. (:

LceeL said...

jientje: Yes. Of course.

elizabeth: I'll be sure to tell him he has a date with a gorgeous woman should he want one.

eve grey: It's been tough for him for the last few years - but it's so good to know that this is the last one - for now.

moneythoughts said...

Lou, I wish your son the best this coming school year. I will say this, I like a lot children had my share of being picked on over the course of my school years, but the one thing I resented most was when it was lead by a teacher. I had this happen to me in elementary school and I saw it happen to others even in high school. By the time I was a senior I was 5'9" and weighted 160. I played football. If someone was going to try me, and some did, they thought twice. Most kids don't want to suffer a punch in the face or head, and if they know that the other guy is capable of delivering a solid punch, they will think twice before starting something. Zach needs to know that he will not be a mark. When he has the confidence of that, others will stand clear. As I said, most boys don't want to take a punch to the head. He will most likely be able to handle what the kids dish out, but just make sure there are no teachers that are mean spirited and using your son to take out their frustrations. And, if you need any help, just let me know.

Martha Marshall said...

I wish your Zach well. He's so lucky to have you in his corner helping him to get stronger.

LceeL said...

moneythoughts: Zach is taking 'Weight Training' this term. He may bulk up a bit. Not too much, I hope. I want to be able to kick his ass when necessary, not have him kick mine.

Martha Marshall: Thank you. That's sweet of you to say.

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

I know how hard it is to let them go when you know they may fail. You've done right by him. Don't forget that. You and A are great parents to your sons.

Nicole said...

Best wishes for Zach!
It might get tough, but somehow I think with the last school years gone by he already went through the real tough parts, no?