what do you think?

Okay. It COULD be that this isn't done yet. I've not tried anything like this before.

UPDATE: It is, after all, an Ala Prima piece. One session. When it's done, it's done.
And it's done. And signed.

UPDATE(again): The final finished and touched up piece is on NewAtArt

Just Before The Storm


Maddy said...

Hmm but still no widget thing huh!

Maddy said...

Aha! You ought to add that if you click on the picture it fills the screen - much better.

Lovely widgety thing too. Yeah!

Elizabeth said...

I like it! Those storm clouds hold wicked promise. ;)

Christy said...

I love the boat and boat shadows!

Was this the ala prima?

warriorwoman said...

Amazing Lou.

What strikes me immediately is how much symbolism I find in this seemingly simple piece of work.
And I'm sort of lost for words, there is so much that 'comes at me' when I look at it.

There's the boat alone in the water, left on it's own, at the mercy of the coming storm. The foreboding of the approaching clouds that spell disaster. There's the 'calm before the storm' factor. There's the desperate sense of helplessness, at a force that you cannot stop. The melding of colors that allow the storm to sneak up on the rowboat, the unfairness of it.
The 'strong will survive' message I get.

It's a beautiful piece of work Lou.

Tash said...

Nicely done Lou.

LceeL said...

maddy: The widget is back. And thank you.

elizabeth: Yes, they do.

christy: Yes - this is ala prima. I modified the technique my teacher had suggested, just a little.

warriorwoman: You got it ALL.

LceeL said...

tash: Thank you.

Christy said...

Damn! Warrior Woman!

I just saw a boat.

I'm a shallow bitch....

(Did you use your psychic abilities, or are you that artistic, or both?)

Tara R. said...

Could be of a boat here right before a hurricane. The sky does get that black. Nicely done.

Eve Grey said...

Oh my gosh Lou, I totally love that!

warriorwoman said...

Christy you make me laugh.

If your question was directed at me - it just leapt at me.

And that's a damn good painting. The sort I'd buy because it stirs up so much emotion and inner conflict.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I think it looks foreboding. A feeling of fleeting tranquility. It looks great, Lou.

Rebecca said...

That is REALLY lovely. Yay!

Hyphen Mama said...

I'd rather be anywhere BUT that boat.

Was there a picture involved? Or did this come from inside you; In which case, Warriorwitch's depiction would insinuate that's what's inside coming out. SO, I hope it was from a picture of some sort.

Beautiful. I love the colors.

Christy said...

Finally! I can comment!

Where would I be.....I'd be a dolphin, under the sea, under the fray.

I might save a human victim if he was nice to me....

maggie's mind said...

Wow. I'm so impressed. I think it's powerful.

tiff said...

I love that the boat seems ghostly against the dark of the storm.

nicole said...

I love it, especially the touched up version with the darker sky.
Warriorwoman expressed perfectly the feeling of this picture!
Lovely work, Lou!

Kelley said...

Like all the others (dude you have a harem here! All chicks lovin on you) I love it. You are going to have to change the name 'new at art' to 'awesome at art'

LceeL said...

Christy: Different people se different things. And new things each time they view a piece.

tara r.: Thank you. So there's a thorny side to paradise.

eve grey: Thank you - and welcome back.

warriorwoman: You read my mind, I think.

AFF: That's where I was going with this piece. Thank you.

rebecca: Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

hyphen mama: No, no picture but in my mind. Actually, that picture just found me. I had re-toned the board several times - just wiped all effort out - before this thing just ... showed up.

christy: THIS human would be nice to you. You're sweet.

maggies mind: Thank you. So much.

tiff: Actually, that boat is far more detailed than I would like to have made it. But it works, as is.

Nicole: Danke.

kelley: Harem? Did you say Harem? I should be so lucky. But a pleasant thought.

Jennifer said...

so i have sat here staring at your painting for a while now... and I just am in awe of your talent. one sitting? wow.

I LOVE the sky. I love how it is starting to "flirt" with the water, you can almost start to see the wind blow and the rain fall. I also like the boat and the horizon line.

GREAT JOB!! I would buy it!! I love the COLOR!!! :)


The Intracerebral Itinerary said...

Very nice.

redchair said...

What fun! (This is the same technique I used to get the mesh over my screen.) I looked at your work enlarged on New at ARt. You did a great job.

What’s so cool about the technique is your canvas actually becomes your texture-it becomes part of the detail. The technique can be applied when you want to create a transparent feel or cloth look to a subject - all kinds of things! I have no doubt you’ll use this again in bits and pieces in future paintings.

My policy: If my elbow works better than my brush, be assured I’ll use my elbow.

Honeybell said...

I love this.

Immy said...

silent beauty!

Shadow said...

i love the look you created. wouldn't mind having a piece, exactly like this one, on my wall. peaceful yet brooding, and the colors, i like!

Holly said...

Nice work!

I am loving your comments on my blog!

Nan said...

Yay you! Great sky, very "Lowering" indeed. Alas, we had plenty of those lowering skies on our holiday the last two weeks!