100 Word Challenge - Treasures

The following is in response to the 100 Word Challenge, authored by the valuable Velvet Verbosity.

How is it you should measure a man?
Do you measure him by his job? By the money he makes?
Do you measure him by his standing in society?
Or do you measure him by the things he has accumulated?
The trophy heads on the wall? The horsepower of his car?
Or is it maybe the cleft of his chin, the steeliness of his gaze?
Do you measure him by the length of his belt or the lack of hair on his head?
There's a way to measure a man that won't prove false.
Measure him by what he treasures.

And so you know, I treasure: My Annie, Our Sons, My Art and my life with my Annie.

As I write this it is almost Noon. Time to put this up and move on. I have painting to do (thank you, everyone who commented on the last piece) and I need to work on the new technique. The technique is best exemplified by the work of this man. That site is in French, but look for the portraits that are on this virtual museum site. They're cool and they're 'close' to my style, sort of. At least, what I understand of my style, which seems to be constantly evolving. That piece, yesterday, was the first time I've been able to create something from within my head, as opposed to a model or a picture. I must have re-painted that canvas half a dozen times before that piece just jumped out at me. It was fun.


Tash said...

And by what you treasure, we all know the man that you are - too true! Love it. As always.

"... the cleft of his chin, the steeliness of his gaze" - i like!

Christy said...

Yes, Lou, you covered all the bases of human judgement, I think...

Jobs, income, reputation, material possessions, accomplishments, looks, age......

All fleeting.

But not what YOU treasure.


And I checked out the artist.

Dark, and I like that.

LceeL said...

tash: Thank you. I've always wanted a "steely gaze". All I ever manage is a lecherous leer.

Christy: Yes, he is 'dark'. I do like his stuff. And thank you - if nothing else, for proofing my 100 words for me.

Velvet Verbosity said...

Ah. I've found this to be so true. Thank you for that.

Rebecca said...

Awesome, Lou! :) All of it.

Allison said...

Wow. Just amazing!

So true, so true!

And it's just not for men, it's for women too ;-) I know, Universal Man and all that :-)

Manager Mom said...

You are DEFINITELY a man among men. And thanks for the new artist find. I had never heard of him before..but cool stuff. Although my first thought was that he looked a bit like a cross-eyed Russell Crowe.

LceeL said...

Velvet: You are so very welcome.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Allison: Yes, women, too.

manager mom: Cross-eyed Russell Crowe? Well, I guess ... But thank you for the kind comment.

Immy said...

Awwwww so sweet Lou

Cross-eyed Russle crowe???????

Huckdoll said...

"And so you know, I treasure: My Annie, Our Sons, My Art and my life with my Annie."

That was THE most amazing and touching sentence of this whole post.

Lady Language said...

Annie is a lucky woman and you are a great man :-)

maggies mind said...

Wow, "Measure him by what he treasures" is profound and so very, very true. Sounds like you treasure the most worthy treasures of all. Loved reading this, loved it!

Hyphen Mama said...

That's an excellent reminder that all the fluff is nothing. It's the person inside that matters.

Great post.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I read your post hours ago at work and then had to "get back to work."

Now that I have time to comment and have thought about what you wrote, I totally agree with that.

That's again for another wonderful read!

Sandy C. said...

I suck. I'm so late commenting!

Loved this "treasures" post. Great choices on how to measure a man. So poignant and so true in such few words :)

Shadow said...

what a wonderful take on treasure. and one i wholeheartedly agree with... "measure him by what he treasures"

Secret Agent Mama said...

I treasure YOU!

warriorwoman said...

I like to measure a man by his actions and reactions to a situation.

Oh, and Lou, if Annie runs off with the milkman - call me.