Better, Thanks

I am finally feeling 100%. No tummy troubles - at all. Thank you so much, all of you who were so sympathetic and supportive. Your well wishes were well received and if I didn't feel better physically, there for a while, I sure feel better emotionally. You guys are great.

Most of you (okay, many of you)(well ... some of you) know I've been taking a series of art classes on Wednesdays. This last Wednesday was no exception. The only problem is, I hate what I did. Now, I have something of an excuse, in that this was the first time I'd done a 'plein air' piece, and only my second 'ala prima'. But I DID learn some stuff. I learned I need to draw better. I learned I don't work well when I'm rushed. I learned I need better (and smaller) brushes. I learned I need to be more selective of my subjects. I learned I'm a better painter when the painting stays 'loose'. And lastly, I learned I shouldn't paint when I don't feel well. Well, I probably learned even more, but you get the idea. It was fun. It just wasn't pretty. And no, I don't plan to display this one. What I DO plan to do is to scrape the canvas and redo the piece. I just don't know exactly when, yet. After all, the landscape isn't going anywhere, so I can take my time.

Okay, now I have brushes to clean. Later, y'all.

P.S. I've been invited to Plurk. But I don't think so. Not that I don't LOVE the person that invited me, but I'm happy with twitter and I REALLY don't need another distraction.


warriorwoman said...

Mmmm.....most of that stuff I didn't understand, but I got that you learned a lot.

Why become an artist? Is there a creative artist in there, just bursting to get out???

I tried watercolors once - once!

LceeL said...

warriorwoman: "Why become an artist? Is there a creative artist in there, just bursting to get out???" The quick answer is 'Yes.'
I started art classes to help me become a better photographer. Who knew I would find I had a voice that wanted to be heard through drawing and painting? Not me. Not beforehand. But as I look back, I have always looked to some form of artistic expression as a release. I have written poetry. I have written songs. I have, almost all of my life, harbored a secret desire to be an actor. Well, not so secret, really. It was just someting I gave up on early. Some form of art has been in there all along. Looking for away out.

Hyphen Mama said...

Glad you're feeling better. Bummer the painting didn't go as well as you'd probably hoped, BUT learning new things is never a bad thing.

Alice said...

I like learning by making my own mistakes. Sticks with you better then.

And what the hell is Plurk? I barely know what Twitter is. It's all too much on some days.

redchair said...

Hi Lou,
I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. And welcome to the true insanity of painting. It’s just like your writing and photography. We have are off days and we do learn from them- sometimes more than the good days.

And I’d like to answer Warriorwoman's question about ‘why become an artist’: To a creative person asking ‘why do you paint (write, dance, play an instrument, etc.)’ is the same as ‘asking why do you breath’. It’s not a choice. It is who we are, not what we do. It is the way our brains are constructed. Our dominant thought process comes from the right side of our brain. We think randomly. That’s where our imagination, talent and creativity comes from. It is means of communicating.

Left brainers processes in sequential or logical order. A has to come before B. (That doesn’t work for a creative mind. We can start with C). Lou is stereo typical of right brain dominance. He switches between photography, painting and writing. He loves them all and needs to do them all to be a happy camper.

How's that for an answer?

LceeL said...

Hyphen mama: Hiya Hyphen. I can just hear me Gramps in my head, "At least you learned something."

Alice: Right on. And as for Plurk ... sounds like what is left, stuck to the wall, after a session of projectile vomiting.

Redchair: Hello Vikki. Couldn't have said it better myself.

manager mom said...

That's very cool that you are taking art... I look forward to the day I can REALLY get back into photography which I am estimating to be 2021, when The Boy departs for college.

I got invited to Plurk too, which I probably won't do, because I can't even cope with the thought of twitter...

Kelley said...

being creative needs to come from the heart and not the calendar.

You will redo the piece when you find the will to.

And how come I don't know you on twitter boy?

warriorwoman said...

Red chair, ok, that's an answer. I must have the left brain box engaged when it comes to art. But I wonder how my psychic brain fits into all this. Maybe there's a middle brain or a higher brain or aliens or .............

Hi Lou, happy Sunday.

warriorwoman said...

hi Lou, just found this site and thought of you:


redchair said...

Hi Lou and Warriorwoman,
You’re brain is perfect exactly as it is. None of us are totally left or right brained. That’s what make us unique and individual. I’ve been an artist all my life.
It’s all I know and all I’ve ever done. Yet, -I’m a list maker (left brain). If I don’t have my list –I can’t get anything done; i.e. my lists are my means of pulling the reins in on my random insanity. I drive my family and friends crazy with my lists. I know it and rather enjoy it. I like to say things like: “I can’t help it! I’m a right brainer! You have to be nice to me!”

(And psychic abilities?- You’re right brain dominate. Welcome to our illogical random club Warriorwoman. Do you like lists?)

LceeL said...

Manager Mom: Don't wait. Take pictures now. Make art NOW. Even if it's just one picture a week - one well planned, well thought out, well executed picture a week. You WILL love it.

kelley: You are SO right. As for twitter - I don't know, but I'll find you, I promise.

Warriorwoman: Hi to you too. You are just as right brained as I am - it's just that your 'art' is psychic. But still an art. And like any art, you 'learned' how to use and apply it. It didn't just leap out at you fully blown and formed and all. So many of us have that psy capability, but never learn how to use it. The strong ones do. Because it CAN be scary.

Redchair: Let me talk to Annie. Maybe bigamy will work out.

warriorwoman said...

Redchair - I live by lists. If it's not on the list it doesn't get done. But I am quiet and shy about my lists, I don't share them with anyone (I'm afraid people will think I'm an idiot cause I can't remember anything)

And hi again Lou. Yes the psychic world is scary at times. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. But what to do? I am what I am.
And I learned from another second-sighter that I had to work it in order to understand it more. I suppose it can be thought of as an art form of sorts - learning to use/work it and all.

Lady Language said...

I am glad you are feeling better and am sorry I missed the original post! I took some time off from blog reading the end of last week through the weekend. Take care of yourself!

Sandy C. said...

So glad to hear you're better! Sorry to hear about your piece though. We all have our off days/weeks. I hope this Wednesday turns out great :)

Huckdoll said...

Plurk is evil. I've already joined and quit. I also quit Twitter. Enough is enough, stop the insanity.

That said, I might have considered sticking around Twitter had you actually added me ;)