Yes, Mistress, I'll be good Mistress

Which is what I feel like I should have been saying to my physical therapist for the last two days. Yes, physical THERAPY (no minds in the gutter here, please) has been rendered for the last two days by a gracious and attractive young woman. Who I would NOT want to meet in a dark alley. I'm sure that as she was growing up, her nickname was 'Killer'. And she's so petite. Skinny, even. And you know I prefer my women with a little meat on their bones. BUt she is cute. Alas, I will never see her again. My three remaining visits will all be with Brian, my first therapist. Darn.

Being the Charter and Founding Member of DOMOA (Dirty Old Men Of America) I feel it's necessary to tell you that I am NOT, I repeat NOT, in any way shape or form, except for good wishes on her behalf, responsible for the fact that Veronica is pregnant. Once again, not my fault. Nathan did it, not me. She was over there. I was over here the whole time. Honest.

On the home front, I am going to have to try to finish my current painting before next Wednesday, when the 3 pack of classes start with Marilyn Dale. I am so looking forward to the new classes. New techniques and new styles of painting. I can't wait.

Till next time. Peace.


witchypoo said...

Don't believe him Nathan. He was kissing me better until he found out it was my bum that ailed me.

Sandy C. said...

Why am I not surprise to hear you're upset you're losing "Killer" to "Brian"?

OMG! I didn't know about Veronica. I'm running over NOW!

Hyphen Mama said...

ha ha ha... you know at home killer goes by She Who Will Kick Your Ass and he likes it.

I made a t-shirt with a logo for She Who Must Be Obeyed, but I can't seem to get a picture of it without it seeming like all I want for the world to see is my boobs. Until I can, I can't post the picture.

I can't wait to see the pics of the new paintings.

frogpondsrock said...

Every time I hear the phrase S.W.M.B.O I always think of Rumpole

I think that I might have said that before???? mmm I am off for a nanna nap lol Kim

Veronica said...

Hehe thanks!!!

nicole said...

Grin, have fun painting and don't accidentally paint killers ;)

Elizabeth said...

"Killer" sounds like my kinda gal! ;)

Old Knudsen said...

Lets hope yer physical therapist can undo the damage of decades of wanking.

LceeL said...

witchypoo: Oh good, now EVERYONE knows.

Sandy: Only my head. My shoulder thinks it's just a fine idea.

hyphen mama: Since when is it NOT okay for you to want the whole world to see your boobs? Or at least ME?

frogpondsrock: You DO remember the post I did about SWMBO, right?

Veronica: I didn't do a thing -- oh wait a minute, I know what you're talking about - you're welcome.

Nicole: nicole!

Elizabeth: Yours and mine both.

Old Knudsen: Didn't I mention somewhere about keeping deep dark secrets to ones self?

www.thegrandview.wordpress.com said...

Crikey. From the sound of it you should demand "killer" for the last three appointments.

Lady Language said...

Darn it...I'm one of
those skinny chicks so I
guess I don't have a
chance ;-) Too
bad Dan is back