Mother's Day

You gave me life, Mom
You gave me the life I have
You were but Nineteen.

Those years you worked nights
Telephone operator
I lived for days off

We were such good pals
Trips to the zoo and the lake
I loved your days off

Age has caught you now
You don't move around too well
But your mind is sharp

But you keep asking
Where they keep finding the shows
The Perry Masons

You have never seen
Please don't forget I love you
I always will do


witchypoo said...

Sweet. You may want to rethink the first line, to substitute birthed for bore, because I did a double take when I first read it.
Somehow, I doubt your mother ever bores you ;)

Elizabeth said...

"...I lived for days off"

My kids love my days off... they get so excited! I'm happy to spend that time with them, too. :)

Lady Language said...

Beautiful. I bet you are treating Annie and your Mother well on this day. Have a good one!

frogpondsrock said...

hehehe I am with witchy. I thought what the fuck?? he is having a rant about his mum...
I had just come over from anja's So I suppose I had an excuse.. sort of...

Allison said...

I agree---my first thought was "there's a woman who bores him? And it's his mom?" We know what you mean, but it points you in the wrong direction. :-\ Birthed might work better.

Allison said...

Actually, I know it would throw off your 3 line pattern there, but eliminating that line altogether might work even better.

The writing process is fun, isn't it?

Elizabeth said...

"...It's enough to make you want to buy a gun."

The thought of my daughters dating is enough to make me want to buy a gun. ;)

LceeL said...

Everybody: (that is, everybody who comes back to read comments) I changed the first line. Considering all she went through, she bore more than me, but you were right - that first line was misleading.

Elizabeth: One of the many reasons I'm glad we had sons.

Momentary Madness said...

"Sometimes I feel like a motherless child ..... a long way from my home ya ya ya ya ... freedom, freedom.

Kelley said...

Beautiful. But would anyone expect anything less?

I became a mother at 19. I hope my Moo will feel the love for me as she gets older that you do for your mother.

Veronica said...

This is wonderful.

LceeL said...

Momentary Madness: I have no idea ....

Kelley: If she doesn't - I do.

Veronica: Thanks. She's actually a pretty neat old broad.

Hyphen Mama said...

perfect! I hope you and Annie and your mom had a wonderful day! Now I feel the need to write my mom a little ditty.

With your permission, and of course with credit to you, I'd like to print your comment on witchy's site and keep in my special quote book: Every real, true mother has a ‘worn spot in the carpet’. It’s different for every one of them. But it’s there - as a constant reminder of what they’re all about.

That's just beautiful. And so true. We've all worn a spot, and will continue to wear that spot. Literally or figuratively.

Sandy C. said...

What a sweet Ku for your mom. I'm sure she is one special woman to be your mother :)

Huckdoll said...

Bow down to Haiku Master LouCeeL. That was awesome.

Eve Grey said...

That was lovely. Makes me think of spending time with my boys on my days off.