Friday Haiku without sanction

I can't find the darn thumbnail or the link back thingie so I'm doing this Haiku naked - so to speak. Just imagine me with this warm laptop .... nevermind.

Alex was so sick
A trip to the hospital
No meningitis

Next day he stayed home
Following doctor's orders
He's such a good lad

Next day, off to work
Temp, stiff neck, tunnel vision
Off to hospital

Spinal tap site leak
It happens sometimes, to some
It happened to him

Epidural patch
A painful process for him
Painful to us all

He will get better
He's home and healing right now
I am so grateful

He is married now
But me and his mom were there
We are his parents

We ran to his side
We were worried and concerned
But he is our son

And will be always
No matter how big he is
He is but our son

Parents always worry over their kids. And kids will always find a way to keep parents on their toes. Our kid is going to be okay, so don't worry. At least, no more than necessary.


Sandy C. said...

Oh Lou, I'm so sorry to hear. I hope Alex feels better soon. I'm a married woman with a child, and I still wish my mommy would come take care of me when I'm really ill. I'm glad that Alex has you and Annie by his side.

Allison said...
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Allison said...

It's comforting to know our parents are still there. No matter how big we get, we know we're still your babies! (um...I mean, with my parents....I still get weepy with the sappy "Daddy Songs" and I still respond to the nickname I was given by my parents as a kid.) And one day it shall be the same with my kids. All the "aw mom"'s and "gees dad"'s will fade from our memory, and all that will remain are the little things we did, and it will stick in my babies' memories too.

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about Alex.

And now, it's very late, I need to go to sleep, and I can't get the image of a naked blogger out of my head.

Good chance of ... interesting ... dreams tonight.

Thank you Lou.

Old Knudsen said...

Hope the lad makes a full recovery soon and I really really hope you find yer clothes and thanks for the image.

warriorwoman said...

Lou, I have SOME image in my head right now.
I usually have those images of Knudsey, so now I feel like I'm cheating or something.

And it's good that you're there for junior, not all parents are good ones.

witchypoo said...

In some ways, being a parent never stops. I hope his recovery is smooth and parental-angst free.

Hyphen Mama said...

I'm slowly coming to the realization that even when I'm old and feeble, and my kids are middle-aged... I'll still be "worried sick". I finally know what that term means. Sometimes I worry so much I feel physically ill.

I hope he's better soon and I'm glad it's not meningitis. That's always the first concern I have!

the planet of janet said...

i'm so sorry to hear this. i hope he is doing better ...

tiff said...

How scary and worrying for you.
Parents will always worry. It's only natural and you are an amazing Dad.

imaginary binky said...

Yikes! Leaking spinal fluid is no laughing matter. I hope it heals very quickly. You are a fantastic dad, Lou. Just really, really fantastic.