100 Word challenge - fringe, and more

What follows is in response to the 100 Word challenge, "Fringe", authored by the Quixotic Velvet Verbosity, whose latest windmill is the case and cause of Lilly Ledbetter vs Goodyear. I support this cause and have joined up.

I knew him so many years ago. Back then he was a vehement Goldwater Republican. And an angry young man. We were in the Marines together, but eventually, went our separate ways. One day, out of the blue, came a call. He rambled on about Nixon, the CIA, the FBI, his Senator and all the conspiracies that the government was party to. There have been many calls in the last few years. And long, rambling letters. He sold his business. He's retired now. He is alone. He has always been alone. And he calls. From where he lives. On the fringe.

Today is my second son's 24th birthday. Alex is 24 and I cannot believe that the little guy I used to carry around by the straps of his bib overalls, like a suitcase, is now a grown man with a wife of his own and a house and two cars and a good job and where the f**k did all this time go? His older brother, the one that's named after me, is going to be 26 on the 13th of this month. And his younger brother, the one that looks like Waldo, turned 17 in March. How is it that all these people are getting to be so much older and I'm not?

Last night was the next-to-last art class. I did a lot of work on color - adding color - and it really looks rather ugly at the moment. I have a plan, and all will become clear as things move forward. I will post an update photo tonight on the other blog and I will link in tomorrow. Just remember that there IS a plan.


thegrandview said...

I liked this very much. I have a good picture of this guy in his garden tool shed with newspapers and photographs trying to sort out where it all went wrong.

Velvet Verbosity said...

I think I know that guy. I think I'm dating him. lol

That was great though. I loved it.

Quixotic eh? I think I'll take "exceedingly idealistic" over "unrealistic and impractical", though I'm probably as much the latter as I am the former. One must be unrealistic in order to be idealistic I suppose. To believe in things anyway.

I think maybe I'll start keeping a running tally on my blog of your descriptive words of me. That could be fun. :)

Hyphen Mama said...

If only we could stop time occasionally, just long enough to look around and absorb the here and now, before jumping back on the train headed to Full Speed Ahead.

I like your story about Him. He's so mysterious.

Old Knudsen said...

The Marines were not tough enough for me, I was in special farces.
The CIA read everything I write as if you do a little work for them they own you but sometimes they censor me for example if I was to say that I ass**((^^%%&&**^%% then I blew up the Rainbow W())*&^%%^&^ they might not let that get through.

You aren't getting old cos you have that bald and dignified Jean Luc Picardness to you.

Keep playing getting old is for old people ready to die.

imaginary binky said...

Take out the Marines part, and you've got my dad in a nutshell. Please let him out of the nutshell. Badaboom.

It's so hard to see the day when Amos will be that man with a family and belongings. I just changed his diaper. It's really hard to see beyond the contents of that diaper.

Rebecca said...

You know? I wonder the same thing about Ed, except in reverse. How can Ed keep getting older, while I stay so young?

Sandy C. said...

I knew someone just like that while working as a nurse. Always a bit much to handle, but I could never walk away without listening to his stories.

Happy Birthday to your 2nd son! Time does seem to fly by. But I agree, you're one young dad ;)

Huckdoll said...

"How is it that all these people are getting to be so much older and I'm not?"

I LOVED this line!! You're so cool, your boys must adore you :)

frogpondsrock said...

I know quite a few people that live on the fringe..Great writing..

cheers kim

Allison said...

I hope you read this real soon, I have an URGENT question I need to ask you! I can't find your email.

Email me at angelgal2876 at gmail dot com


Andreamuse said...

Happy Birthday to your son! :D

moneythoughts said...

You remember what Satchel Paige said about age. "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?" We are part of a generation that for the most part, grew up with modern health care. As a child, I know I saw a doctor every year at least once before school started. Happy Birthday to your son! 24, I would like to have the energy, but I don't think I would want to live through it all again. Seeing the movie Groundhog Day is enough.

OHmommy said...

How is it that all these people are getting to be so much older and I'm not?

AWESOME!!!! You must share your secrets. Must.

BTW. Your comment on my blog today had my husband rolling on the floor. Im just saying.

Lady Language said...

It's strange to think about my kids growing up and becoming adults with their own lives. I will miss their little hugs and reading books and playing at the park. Damn, now I'm gonna cry! Have to check out the art...

Kelley said...

It's funny how something so silly as a date makes you stop and actually realise that these people surrounding you are the same little babies only a heartbeat ago.

Happy Birthday to your boy.

And I am with Old Knudsen, you are Jean Luc. And he is hawt.