blog365 134/365

Yup. today is the 134th day of the 365 day of blog365. And I got nuthin'. Unless, of course, you want to go into the boring background stuff that seems to go on all the time - like, for example, Zachary's school issues. He's having trouble in two of his classes. Both of these classes require, and seem to be built around, long term projects that involve WRITING. Lots and lots of pages of writing. Anyone who's ever dealt with an essentially introverted Asbergers boy knows what kind of trouble that spells. BIG trouble. I can barely elicit one word answers from him on things he LIKES to talk about, I can't imagine what it must be like for him to have to try to put together a 15 page paper in World History. Or English. His other problem subject. And, of course, this is the teacher who seems to be less than tolerant.

Or maybe you want to go into the babysitting thing. Our divorced friend, who has custody of his kids, two little boys ages 5 & 7, has gone out of town for two weeks of training his new company requires for him to keep his job. Which he was lucky to find in the first place. It's a good job. But he has to be out of town. So SWMBO has taken her act over to his house to watch the kids for the next two weeks. Oh - I get her back for the weekend. The kids mother has them for the weekend - if her schedule doesn't change. Which it just well may do. It does. A LOT. Oh, well. I guess it just means I'll have more time to paint. Maybe I should paint nudes. (I don't have any idea where that thought came from. Out of the blue, so to speak.) Y'all have a Happy Mother's Day Tuesday.


Rebecca said...

I enjoyed reading these "background" things. I didn't think they were boring at all. I hope your son's school difficulties smooth out and that all goes well with Annie's working with your neighbor's children.

witchypoo said...

Yours won't talk, and mine won't shut up. Where's the happy medium? Oh, wait, that would be me. Although I'm leaning more towards a large these days.

Emily said...

Ugh. I hate big projects like that. 15 pages. YUCK!

You're painting in the nude?? Oh MY!!

OHmommy said...

I find the background just as important as witty tales.

;) Congrats on making it 134 days.

LceeL said...

Rebecca: Thanks. I just needed to vent a little.

witchypoo: If you're reading MY mind I am in so much trouble.

Emily: Exactly. 15 pages yucky. And yes, just let your imagination run away with you. or me.

Ohmommy: Thank you. So do I.

Elizabeth said...

"I can't imagine what it must be like for him to have to try to put together a 15 page paper in World History."

I can barely put 2 pages together let alone 15. I feel for him! Is Zachary taking the summer off?

Queen Goob said...

My son, Zachary, is dealing with the same issues. Unfortunately he wasn't diagnosed with anything other than laziness.

God love you and SWMBO for being such great friends.

Do a nude self-portrait and post it for our viewing pleasure.

Hyphen Mama said...

Personally, I like background stuff. It's what makes us who we are.

Is there anything wrong with letting Zachary do the best he can and leave it at that? Maybe the best he can is one sentence. Failure at a 15 page World History assignment isn't the worst thing that can happen. Or an English assignment. Will it matter in 5 years? Is he aching to go to college and study history or English? Does he want to be valedictorian?

What a nice friend Annie is, taking somebody else's kids for 2 weeks!

Painting in the nude?(ha ha ha Emily!) =) Is that as dangerous as baking in the nude, because I had to give that up with age and sagging.

Audubon Ron said...

Hey, wuddup with the "I only read women" blog thing?

LceeL said...

Elizabeth: That's the current plan. but if he doesn't get invited back to IMSA for his senior year, he may need to go to summer school to pick up a credit before sliding back into the 'regular' high school, here in town.

Queen Goob: Heh, heh, heh.

Hyphen Mama: See above reply ;>)

Audobon Ron: It just naturally evolved that way, I guess. It was women that commented first on my blogs. I followed them back to theirs. I clicked on links I found in their blogs, and that took me to other women bloggers. The few men that HAVE found me have become the few men that I read - Old Knudsen and moneythoughts, for example. But I don't go looking for male bloggers, either. I find the girls to be way more interesting. Besides, can you discuss nude painting among men?

MommyTime said...

Are we still interesting even when we're annoying? Or worse, offensive? I really wasn't trying to be sexist or stereotypical in my post from yesterday (in fact, both are things I actively try to avoid being), and I do appreciate your heads-up comment. Thanks for keeping me honest.

As for your post today: it's sure not "nuthin'". As someone who teaches English for a living, and who loves writing really really long things, I have to say that it's really important for teachers to remember that not all minds work alike or learn alike. AND, 15 pages is a long paper for a college-level undergrad, so it's huge for high school. Any chance for a multi-genre project, or a collection of shorter pieces to replace the longer assignment for him? I wish you much luck negotiating over this, and good thoughts for the words to come. I know how hard it can be for a student who is uncomfortable with writing to deal with the parameters of assignments.

LceeL said...

Mommytime: "Are we still interesting even when we're annoying? Or worse, offensive?" Are you kidding? You guys are the best thing since sliced bread. And no, I don't precede sliced bread. But I am reminded that we all, at one time, were women. Every man alive, when he was deep in his mother's womb, before his hormones began to differentiate him, was a female. That's not hyperbole. That's medical and scientific fact. So, I guess but for an accident of hormones (Okay, genes and chromosomes, too) we are ALL women. And if this doesn't get me in trouble, nothing will.

Huckdoll said...

Wow, how very generous of SWMBO! You too!

Boring background stuff ('BBS') is good on occasion and more than welcome. Just as long as the entire blog does not revolve around BBS.

So there was my uncalled for advice of the day. Have a good one!

Myst_72 said...

I'm hearing you on the handwriting issue.
We've had years of problems with dysgraphia.
We used to fold our Zach's pages into thirds, as he would look at a whole blank page and go to pieces.
Eventually after consultation with occupational therapists etc we received permission for him to do written work on the computer.


Old Knudsen said...

I'm so manly I count as 10 male blogs, yes I even have 10 blogs.
I love world history and would have to stop myself from writing more than 15 pages, I even have to stop writing posts cos my readers don't read too well.
Whats so hard about blog 365? I had to stop myself from blogging everyday and still do, I'm an addict (sex and blog addict)

Julie said...

School issues suck. My Zachary is a really good student, and he struggled with math for years. Just thought he was dumb at math. He's getting an A in Trig, though, so I guess he got over that.

Thor is a mediocre student. He is really really smart, but ADD. We think. I have to start the evaluations for that when we get to Anchorage. So he's not doing well in school at all. And he doesn't care, which makes it harder to get him motivated.

I understand that teachers and schools are often overwhelmed and they can't be everything for every student, but setting kids up for failure doesn't seem to be a good answer to me.

Veronica said...

15 pages? Seriously?

That is just cruel.

Sandy C. said...

So sorry to hear about Zachary's project. 15 pages is quite an undertaking. I had 15 page papers in college!

Best wishes to Annie with the 2 boys. May the force be with her.

imaginary binky said...

Fifteen pages is indeed a cruel trick. Even though I've enjoyed writing for years, back in high school I would have groaned and bitched about 15 pages.

I don't know if I ever told you, but my mother is a high-functioning autistic. The single words answers and blank stares? Yeah. I know 'em. It would be a miracle if she wrote 15 pages, much less accomplished dialing the telephone. Despite that, she is a genius at crossword puzzles, knitting, crocheting, and painting. She ain't no dummy.

You, sir, are a GREAT parent.

nicole said...

Yeah for the nudes :)