Word For Wednesday is frosted

I am a bit frosted. Tonight, Wednesday, is art class. Except this turns out to be the night that a system fails at work and I have to go back to work and kiss it and make it better. Phooey. I missed class.

Anyway, below is a photo I took without paying too much attention to what was going on in the viewfinder. There was a bus coming and I was standing in the street - self preservation dictated, perhaps, that I focus less on the picture and more on staying alive. So Queen Victoria has a new hat:

And then I thought - Ooops! I can't just let that go. I have to take one that shows her as she really is. So that one is next:

Anyway, as long as we're in a playful mood; while I was taking some pictures of architectural tidbits I found what you see below. There are some gargoyles over the gate from the middle ward to the upper ward of the castle. See him the guy in the middle? Now, imagine him with a full head of hair.

Apparently, Chewbacca's ancestors are English.


Julie said...

Whew. I am glad you stayed aware of boring things like buses bearing down on you.

I like her hat, it's lovely.

We have dozens of photos of gargoyles and statues and carved details...we even have our own gargoyles (but they are plastic blow molds with lightbulbs up their bottoms -- they are our Halloween decor.)

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

These are great photos... I'm busy catching up on all your news!!

GirlBlue said...

Loving the hat! I think she would have liked it too lol

I suppose I'm the only one that thinks the gargoyles are cute huh?

frog ponds rock... said...

I do have a soft spot for gargoyles... yay..

Queen Goob said...

I LOVE the picture that looks likes she;s wearing a hat....GREAT.

Glad you didn't get hit by the bus!

Nicole said...

OK, second try today.
My computer / Internet gave up on me after I tried to post a comment last night ;)

I love that new crown :D
Fits her well ;)
And Gargoyles are awesome, I like them a lot, even with beards :)

Sandy C. said...

Glad you missed the bus! Phew! LOL at her new hat ;)

Eek! at the gargoyles. At night, I'd be terrified.