And then we went to windsor

We went to Windsor castle and we saw all of the usual stuff. The castle, itself, obviously - the unusual bit, I suppose, was that the Queen was actually in residence. We could tell, because her standard flew from the high flagpoles, one of which you'll see shortly. We saw the changing of the guard - you'll see pictures in the next day or so. But we also saw some unusual stuff, and one of those unusual things was Queen Anne's Dollhouse. This thing is huge. It is in a dark room which is illuminated by the dollhouse itself; and it is behind glass. I got three pictures taken before I was told that photographs were not allowed. Something about safety. I'm going to share two of those shots with you, today. This is what you first see as you enter the room:

It is taller than I am. And this next shot is just to show you that this building is multi-sided. In fact, there are four sides to this 12th scale copy of a 1920's era English Manor House, built to show all that was good about English Manor House life.

This next shot is of the oldest part of Windsor. It has the Queen's standard flying from its flagpole and I thought the juxtaposition of 12th and 13th century masonry and the jet flying overhead was ... cool. If you click on this picture it should pop out fullsize and you can scroll around the picture with your browser. The same, by the way, with the other two pictures above.

There was so much we saw that day, as in all the days of our trip. There are so many pictures and I know some of us don't have the best of fastest connections, so I can't just load up a bunch of pictures in here and expect everyone to be able to read the post. So, a bit at a time. Little pieces. Besides, that way I get to tell more of a story and fill in around the few pictures I can post at one time.

And that's way more fun.


witchypoo said...

I wonder if Queen Anne was allowed to play with it when she was a kid.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

That dollhouse is awesome!!!

Julie said...

We stayed in a hotel across the street...that was my kinda view, seeing Windsor Castle while sitting on the toilet.

We were in England a couple summers ago -- remember when it was 114 degrees in Hyde Park? Yeah, that was the week we were in England. Sometimes our train would stop briefly because trains ahead of us were having trouble with melting asphalt around the tracks, and the London Eye shut down because those glass capsules were like little ovens.

You are so much more thoughtful than me -- I throw up a dozen photos of Italy, without worrying about people's connection speeds. Shame on me...

tiff said...

Wow Lou. Wow.
It looks as though you had an amazing time! Looking forward to the next installment.

Nicole said...

One more place I would love to see.
Too bad taking pictures is not allowed no more in most places :(

Casdok said...

You did get around didnt you!!

Sandy C. said...

Wow, that dollhouse is spectacular! That's so neat you were able to sneak in a few shots :) The lighting and size must have been so impressive.

LceeL said...

Witchypoo: I wonder. I also wonder about the view of English life in the 20's that saw this as normal.

Lotus: Yes, but not as awesome as you.

Julie: That cracks me up. From the toilet!! I wasn't going to publish it, but on second thought, I have a picture of the Queen Victoria statue from town - that I shot by mistake. She has a lamp on top of her head. Maybe tomorrow.

Tiff: Yes. Amazing time in which we saw an incredible amount of stuff.

Nicole: I agree. Picture limitations are for the birds.

Casdok: Yes. Didn't get to see you for tea, though. That would have been nice.

Sandy: It was amazing. With the constant flow of people through there, though, there is hardly time to take it all in.

warriorwoman said...

wow, nice doll house, not as nice as the ones I made out of cardboard in my early years, but it's OK.

Lou, you take good shots.

OHmommy said...

i need a flag like that to let my kids know if i am in or if i am out.

that queen sure knows what she is doing!

Andreamuse said...

You've got some gorgeous England pictures!