St. Paul's in London

Taking pictures in London can be an exercise in terror. In order to take proper pictures, you need a good camera and a very good zoom lens. One that will give you good wide-angle photos. Because, if London is anything, it's a wide angle lens. Getting the right shot, on the other hand, because of the close quarters and constant traffic and incessant crowds of people, often means stepping into the street, to get a clear view. When you do that in London, you take your life in your hands. So this group of shots that you're going to see here is not necessarily the most 'dangerous' of the shots I took while there, but the last shot made my heart leap into my throat and some London taxi driver turn very, very rude.

Of all the really great buildings in London, St. Paul's Cathedral is one of the very best. When I was in london in 2003. St. Pauls was under a scaffolding, undergoing renovation and cleaning. It appears the cleaning is done.

This first shot is from the rear of St. Paul's. The south side and to the east.

This garden lies in the former ground of a church which took a direct hit during the blitz. South and east of the Cathedral.

And this shot, given the size of the building, can only be gotten from across the street. IN the street, actually.

Whew. Tomorrow I will publish the photos of the Roman Baths in Bath, England. Not a bit of danger in the bunch.


Elizabeth said...

It would have been a sad, sad thing if you had been run over in England trying to get a good picture. But you have to look at the bright side... you were, after all, quite close to a church.

Lady Language said...

LOU! You won our contest this week...about time, ay? So email your addy to michelle(at)ladylanguage(dot)com and we'll get the CD out to this week. Thanks for your support!

Veronica said...

You nearly got run over? However the photo was worth it. Gorgeous!

Nicole said...

Tell me about getting run over by cars or such ;)
Didn't YOU tell me a short while back to be careful???

Wonderful shots though. I love old buildings and this one always did fascinate me!

Sandy C. said...

WOW! So glad you made it back in 1 piece after reading about all your photography stunts :)

The cathedral is amazing! I can see why you needed a wide angle lens. Gorgeous!