introspection - why I blog

The lovely and charming Velvet Verbosity, in a comment on my post, yesterday, suggested I think about why I blog. And you know what? I have done. And I have realized that there's been an evolution in process and purpose here, for me.

I started blogging last September, with a blog called NewAtArt, because that's what I was (and am) - New At Art. The whole idea was to create a diary that I could look back on as I learned about Art and became, hopefully, a better and more accomplished artist. I wasn't looking for an audience as much as I was creating a record. At first.

I published my first post in September 13th. I got my first comment on the 14th of November. And that first comment led me to NaBloPoMo. And the creation of a second blog (this one) to do the 'daily' blogging.

My original intent was to just do daily 'ART' blogging, like a daily diary, and NewAtArt would then be used to document the progress of whatever art project was in progress. NewAtARt has stayed true to its purpose, but this one - this one has changed.

I find I like writing. And I think what I enjoy even more is commenting. Both getting and giving. Good commenting is like good sex. Just can't get enough.

I have grown very attached to some people out here. Some of you know who you are. Others, maybe, just see the comments .. and wonder, maybe. I don't know. But I value the blogs I have picked out from all of the stuff that's out there in the wild. I KNOW that some psychologist out there will be willing to say that there is no possible benefit to anybody from on-line relationships - that they are shallow and based on facades - that you are never seeing the REAL people behind those lines of text on the screen. Maybe. There IS honesty out here. There ARE real people out here. And maybe they keep the real dark secrets to themselves. Good. So do I. This is MY cyber family. Good, bad, pretty and plain. They're all mine. And I like it that way.

And that's why I blog.

I bit the bullet today and eliminated some blogs that were 'all about me' kinda blogs that never commented here. Because, you know what? It ain't 'all about you', just like it isn't 'all about me'. It's all about US or it ain't. Period.

Now - another piece of business. This ...

comes from Rebecca at Ramblings by Reba. If you're interested, and you've not read it before, here is a link that will tell you 13 things about me and Annie - including, how we met.

And one more thing. I am reminded by witchypoo that I did not tell you that the award, yesterday, was for 'Excellence in Commenting'. I give good comment.


OHmommy said...

I have found that through blogging everyday I have really learned a lot more about myself.

The community is wonderful too. We are lucky to have stumbled across some great blogs and the people behind them. I have yet to meet a "weirdo." :)

Gabriel said...

Great story, LouCeeL. I loved your 13 things.

Here is my story. Hope you like it! :-)

Allison said...

OMG!!! Thank you so much for the sponsorship!!! I'm touched and honored that you'd be so kind!!!

And I did it! I walked the whole course! The actual walk was on Sunday, but our group---the MOPS group that I go to---is thinking seriously about making it our cause! So then I think I'll keep it up there! :-D

And THANK YOU AGAIN!!! You help up our total :-D The group made more than $1000 before the walk! :-) Other people are waiting for donations to come in still :-D

Queen Goob said...

I love to see why others started blogging. I just started reading with no intent to write. Funny, isn't it? Wish I had more time though....oh, and internet at the house would be good, too. Teenagers and what we sacrifice for them!

Your Annie sounds special, she's very lucky to have you. And by the way, giving good comment is much respected now-a-days. Kudos on your win!

Julie said...

Hmmmm...I started reading and commenting on political blogs after September 11, mainly because I was looking for like-minded voices -- I was very much in the minority and the political blogs were a place where I could "talk" to people who thought the way I do...

My own blog I think I started mostly as a way to stay in touch with family while we were living in Europe.

Now I don't know. I guess I like the conversations and goofiness and the feedback and the attention.

Plus I can post photos of special occasions instead of having to email photos to various family members.

I am glad you started blogging about other than Art -- not that I don't like your Artblogging, because I very much do -- but I like the mix of Art and life blogging that you do.

LceeL said...

ohmommy: Oh! Mommy! And you thought you hadn't met any weirdos yet.

gabriel: Thank you. And Welcome.

Allison: Sweety, you're more than welcome.

Queen goob: Nah, it's ME that's lucky.

Julie: Thank you. That's very kind of you to say so.

the planet of janet said...

the story of you and annie is very sweet!

and as for blogging -- i also love the community and the friends i have made. those who don't blog don't understand it, but then again they don't need to, i guess.

their loss.

Rebecca said...


You are a GOOD commenter. And I'm not as good at commenting on YOUR blog as I should be. I'm trying to do better. But know that I VALUE your contribution to my blog... and I value you. :)

And thanks for the "How I Met My Honey" link-in. I liked reading that again (even though I didn't comment the first time... eek).

Veronica said...

I started blogging because I was lonely. Being a SAHM in rural tassie isn't really the best thing for friends and somedays (even now) I would go days without seeing anyone else.

Now I have a blog and even if I don't get out of the house very often, I'm not so lonely anymore.

I would have a longer comment, but somehow I seem to have developed a Toddler shaped growth on my front. Makes typing hard!

Hyphen Mama said...

She Who Must Be Obeyed...can I borrow that? I want a name tag. I used to have a name tag that said Grand Poobah, but I have no idea where it's gone.

I like your story about how you met Annie. Good thing her father was accommodating.

I started a blog after I sat lonely as hell one night, my kids sleeping, my husband away, insomnia keeping me up and I googled "support groups for mothers" and found one HILARIOUS mother blogger. I found that I wanted to comment on so many things but couldn't figure out how to do it unless I had a URL. So I created a blog. I really didn't intend to "use" it for more than having a URL. Then I found that I could dump my own psychological vomit on the blogosphere and felt better for doing so.

Now I like the little bloggy family that surrounds my daily life. I don't venture out to create more than I can keep up with. I like it the way it is.

Nicole said...

I fully agree, like you probably already know :)

LceeL said...

planet of janet: Yes. Their loss.

rebecca: Thank you. I like you, too.

veronica: OOOO. Toddler shaped front. Does make it hard to type.

hyphen mama: SWMBO now belongs to you. I have gotten myself into more trouble with that phrase ....

Nicole: Yes. I do.

Sandy C. said...

I've loved reading along here as your blog progressed. You really do have a gift for writing and your comments also totally rock!

I on the other hand am a total loser and wasn't able to post about How I met my honey :(

Elizabeth said...

"I give good comment." Do you ever! ;) Glad to have you around. :)

Huckdoll said...

Wow, very well put!

I agree with what you said about you cyber family.

You might never see them, you might never shake their hand, you might never be in the same room, but it is clearly undeniable, you know them.


Kelley said...

You know when we first discovered one another (who was first? I dunno) I seriously was confused cause you were so professional as such on the blog and then totally cracking me up in the comments on my blog.

I squeal with delight when I see you have commented cause you never fail to make me need that plastic mat.

Oh and the bloggers that never visit their peeps? I am so with you about that. And the ones that don't allow comments, I NEED the interaction. I want to know the people who are reading my drivel.

Cause then I meet wonderful people like you.

frogpondsrock said...

I really enjoy your comments Lou.. You do indeed give good comment..hehehe

cheers kim

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Lou. Very good self awareness here.
And, I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly.

LceeL said...

Sandy C.: Sweetheart, the one thing in the world you are most definitely NOT - is a loser.

Elizabeth: Thank you. It's nice to be here.

Huckdoll: Thank you. And remember, incest begins at home.

Kelley: AW, shucks. Now I'm embarrassed.

frogpondrock: hehehe yourself. There's something about you that just says 'You're my kind of woman'.

thegrandview: Thanks, Mike.

innkeeper said...

What stuck with me in your post is that I feel like I'm communicating with real people rather than facades. The stuff that people post about what's going on in their lives is so much more real and revealing, and over time I feel like I know some of them as "friends," even if we've never met. I care for them when they're ill or suffering a loss, rejoice with them when something great happens or they're excited about a new project or hobby... I guess I disagree about not having a "real" online relationship. And some of us have crap going on in our lives and it's everything we can do to just read the blogs of people we like, never mind posting a comment. Sometimes I just say, "yep. that's right." Reading blogs of friends is a lifeline. Sort of like getting a letter. I may not be able to sit down and write a reply right away, but when things in my life are chaotic, at least I can know what's going on with my friends.

innkeeper said...

P.S. Thanks for taking us along on your trip to England. The details and your commentary are fascinating.

imaginary binky said...

I always look forward to your comments. Like a fine wine, they unfurl into layers and layers that reveal the complexities as one. Or some such.

I'm just starting to get back into the grind of Ye Olde Blogging and Commenting. The fog is lifting, ever so slowly. Thank you for staying in the mist with me.

tiff said...

I was sure I commented here yesterday but my comment is gone :(

Calla said...

I just came from OhMommy's page and I love it here too!!! You write very well.

I started blogging coz I needed a place to vent and rant. It's cathartic.