TT on Saturday

I promised Julie that something I had alluded to during a Senior Citizen Brainfart would get done today. So, I give you a Thursday Thirteen on Saturday - and the subject (for what it's worth) is me and Annie. So here goes:

1) I met Annie on a bus, October 2nd, 1976. She was a passenger. I was the driver.

2) She was 16. I was 31. I didn't know she was 16, at the time. Honest. I didn't find out until we were on our way to our first date. I was stunned. I thought she was older.

3) Our first date was a Paul Stukey concert at a local college. Paul, of Peter, Paul and Mary.

4) I had trouble talking. She asked, "Why, how old did you think I am?" "21" "Then just treat me like I'm 21." She was amazing, even then.

5) We got married on June 25th, 1977. We had to get parental permssion. Her father was very happy to give permission. Her 4 older sisters were 'living in sin'. We won't talk about her younger sister.

6) Annie has a large scar on her calf from a bicycle accident when she was a little girl.

7) Annie is Mexican and Irish. I am German, Irish, Bohemian, Amerindian, English and Pennsylvanian Dutch. Our kids are mutts.

8) This is my second marriage. My first marriage lasted 5 year, produced two children (from whom I am estranged) and a terrible divorce.

9) Annie has a condition called Ehlers Danloss Syndrome. It is a very painful, debilitating disorder, which, as it has gotten worse over time, prevents her from working. Not that she needs to, but she wants to and it frustrates her that she can't.

10) We own our own home. We have two cars. Nothing is paid for. But we keep up.

11) We hold hands. We tell each other 'I love you' every day. We know that about each other. It's just nice to hear. And we've always enjoyed doing nice things for each other.

12) We both weigh more than we should. Neither one of us will ever say anything to the other about weight. Do unto others ....

13) She spoils me. I try to spoil her. But she's better at it than I am.

There. 13 things about me and SWMBO. (She Who Must Be Obeyed). She really hates that expression, by the way. I never call her that to her face. But there is a whole post about that expression. See if you can find it.


Anonymous said...

I thought the reference was strictly from Rumpole of the Bailey,and didn't know about SHE.
My son refers to me as She Who Would Like to be Obeyed.

Julie said...

A great list. It sounds like the two of you have a really good relationship.

Elizabeth said...

I love it!

GirlBlue said...

Too sweet

Nicole said...

Grin, this is sweet.
A few things I didn't know yet :)!
And grin, for us it's the other way around "HWMBO"

Have a good start into the new week!

warriorwoman said...

thanks for the best laugh I've had in a while

frog ponds rock... said...

Yay.. sweet post. and SWMBO is a better title than "Her Indoors" from the minder...

cheers kim..

Sandy C. said...

I am SO glad you posted a link back to this post. I had no idea! Sounds really romantic to me :) You and your "SWMBO" still cracks me up ;)

Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy) said...

Great post. Even if I'm late on commenting on it. the whole 'she who must be obeyed' thing cracks me up.