Friday Haiku picture do

We went to Stonehenge.
Ancient place of unknown use.
The stones are silent.

How long have they stood?
And who were they who built it?
And for what purpose?

A cemetery?
Perhaps, observatory?
or is it a church?

Is it a chapel,
for some old and pagan god?
Did Druids live here?

First they dug a ditch.
Then they put posts all around.
But the wood posts fell.

Then they put blue stones.
They came all the way from Wales.
No one can say how.

Then came sarcen stones.
taller, with lintels all 'round.
This, before Egypt.

Today, artists come
to record their impression
Of an age long dead.

Had they a notion,
when they were building this place,
it would become art?


storyteller said...

Marvelously you’ve
shared your visit to Stonehenge!
I have never been

but the image of
this historic site has graced
my ‘desktop’ for YEARS ;--)

Hugs and blessings,

LceeL said...

Storyteller: Nice 'ku and thanks.

Sandy C. said...

A lovely Haiku to share your journey to Stonehedge. Wonderful photos. It looks like it was a bit chilly there, but the grass and foliage is lush and green. What an amazing experience this must have been to see this in person :)

OHmommy said...

Great questions. Do you think they knew it would become art. FASCINATING questions.

I need to travel some more. I have the bug now. I am taking all three kids and the husband to Mali, Africa this year. Can't wait.

Nicole said...

Love it - both the Haiku and the pictures.
A part of me longs to go there, sigh....

Kelley said...

Stonehenge in haiku. A perfect merge of cultures. Brilliant Lou, just brilliant!

warriorwoman said...

I have often wondered about the use of stonehenge and come up empty.

they took their secrets with them

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Thanks for all these amazing pictures. I'm embarrassed you've seen more of the UK than I have! BG

Rebecca said...

Nice photos and great 'ku!

Lady Language said...

Wow! Amazing pics...I've always wanted to visit - someday...

Veronica said...

There is something about Stonehenge that makes me shiver. I would so love to see it in person.

the planet of janet said...

stonehenge is such an amazing mystery.

love the 'ku!

Hyphen Mama said...

I've never been to Stonehenge, but visited Scotland several years ago and visited numerous (much smaller) circles of standing stones. I hope to see more of the UK in the future.

Great haiku.

We frequent a lot of the same locales, I thought I'd pop over and say Hi. I've come over before, but have no idea if I've commented. Sorry about that.