Work, work, work

It's Monday and our trip to England is less than 2 weeks away. I have so much to do to get ready - not the least of which is training staff to do some of the troubleshooting stuff I do on a regular basis to keep our database environment well and happy. Oh well. If this job were easy then I guess anyone could do it and then they wouldn't pay me so much. Hmmmm. I think I'll take a cell phone to England.

On another note, April 2nd is the start of the new art class with Marilyn Dale. I am looking forward to the new class. I have no idea what I'm going to want to paint for the class. I am open to suggestion. Anyone?


Elizabeth said...

1. I'm rather jealous that your traveling abroad but I'll keep that to myself. (Say hi to my extended family in that region, please.) ;)

2. I wonder how difficult it would be to paint a snow scene with varying whites and grays? I'll be that's a lot of work to make light reflect properly.

Casdok said...

Its cold and wet here at the mo! So wrap up warm!

LceeL said...

Elizabeth: I'll be happy to extend greetings to people over there. As for the painting - I think snow would be especially difficult - clouds have texture, but snow is smooth and relatively texture free. Variation in tone, blending of subtle changes in color from white to grey and back. Ouch.

LceeL said...

Casdok: I will be warm and toasty. Although I was hoping it would be warmer than when I was there last. It was so cold and windy that we were uncomfortable, to the extreme on the double-decker buses.

warriorwoman said...

I remember England. I especially remember Thornton's Chocolates, I think I'm still wearing a pound or two or ten of it.
I think of Coronation Street, been there, no t-shirt, I got a mug instead.
I remember look left not right.
I remember pubs and beer and fish-n-chips.
Yes, I remember England.
Have a good time.

warriorwoman said...

Oh, and who could forget -


Rebecca said...

I'm a little behind. What are you doing in England?

LceeL said...

warriorwoman: Mind the gap. Personally, I always thought there must be some really skinny English people somewhere, to be worried about people falling between the train and the platform.

Rebecca: Zach, our high schooler, is going on a London theatre tour during Easter break, with some of his classmates and an RC from school. I'm tagging along.

moneythoughts said...


Thanks for your comments. It was gold METAL leaf, not gold leaf. Gold leaf is real gold and would have cost a small fortune.

If you have time, and you like art museums, check out the TATE Museum and/or the NATIONAL gallery. I visited the National Gallery in 1968. They have Monets so big they were not on strechers. They are both in London.

Have a Great Time!!!


Sandy C. said...

Less than 2 weeks already? So do you think you may be interrupted with work while overseas? I hope not.
Will you be missing some of the new art class because of your trip?

LceeL said...

Fred: Thanks. I will.

Sanday: I hope I won't be interrupted - but you never know. And art class starts the Wednesday after we get back. (sun 30mar)

tiff said...

April 2... I think you should paint a butterfly.

Hope you have a wonderful time in England.

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Oooh, a trip to England... can I come too please?

And a new class to look forward to...

Oh, I'm jealous!!! :-)

Rebecca said...

Cool, Lou. Enjoy! :)

Dre the Texican said...

How exciting about the trip to England. You know...shhhh, I've never been out of the country except to Mexico. But we are going to Puerto Rico (I know, I know, that's in this country) and New Zealand this summer, so Peanut will get a stamp on her passport for New Zealand, right? I'm excited for her!!!

Nicole said...

How exiting :D!!!!
Both, vacation and art class.

Oh, I'm sure if you look through your picture files something will inspire you, no?

I can offer a Korean temple, some Buddha?
Or the Kuwait towers with alley?


LceeL said...

Tiff: I don't know that I'm up to that. But I'll keep that in mind.

Elissa: I would, but my son and several other teenagers will be there as well. He'd tell.

Rebecca: Thank you. I will.

dre: Yup. Peanut's passport will get stamped. Puerto Rico is LIKE another country, even though it isn't.

Nicole: a Temple or a Buddha ... has some possibilities. Besides, my nickname, to some people, is buddhalicious.