Wordy Wednesday

The word for this Wednesday is confused. For some reason I've been thinking today is Thursday. I was all ready to post a Thursday Thirteen about me and Annie - how we met and all that other goopy romantic stuff. Man, I was READY. Now you're going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Now for a commercial message. Sort of. In a vain attempt to monetize this blog, I got into this affiliate program for Blicks. I chased down their marketing people and asked them how I could do it. Not really to make money, but because I really like their stores and the people they hire and their corporate philosophy. And how many companies can you say THAT about, these days? Anyway, I just thought it might be a good time to encourage you to click on the BLICKS button on the left side of this page and go exploring through their store. The have stuff for artists in oil, watercolor, pencil and charcoal and chalk. They have stuff for scrapbookers. They have stuff for sculptors. And potters. And artists who work in wood (I don't know what they call that). If it's artsy fartsy stuff, they more than likely have it. So go check it out. I don't get paid for clicks. So you're not feeding me. I just want you to know what's there - it may surprise you - the breadth of things they carry.

Anyway, there's pictures of the RACK on SarcasticMom today. So I'm going back there to daydream for a while. Later.


Sandy C. said...

Good for you! That's great you found a store that you enjoy to promote. I just clicked around from your site. Looks like they do have quite a selection. I'll have to tell others about it :)

Off to Lotus' page!

Casdok said...

The days of the week confuse me too!!

Elizabeth said...

1st: What a doll you are! Thanks! ;)
2nd: Those storms were causing headaches primarily in Oklahoma and Kansas. But for those airlines that fly over those two states it's a huge pain in the butt because you have to find a way to fly around the storms (or, if you're lucky...over them) and still have enough fuel on board to get to their destination. Normally you'd hope that a plan would have been in place to account for such things but thunderstorms can be unpredictable at times.
3rd: I think this confusion thing is running rampant. I completely forgot that I'm to go to a concert tonight with a friend from work--I thought that was next week! Lucky me though. :)

warriorwoman said...

the weather, the weather

it's good flu weather around here.

and I've been off sick this week so I haven't even had a monday yet.

I go back to work on Friday, which will seem like my monday, which means sat and sun will look like I have mon and tue of next week off. then the reality of it will hit me when mon does come round and I'm expecting wed.

I'm so confused.

It's going to be a long week.

Marita said...

Is Thursday in Australia :grin:

2.19pm on Thursday at the time of posting this comment.

Nicole said...

I'm always confused.
Spending 14 hours a day mainly alone and at home, just accompanied by your dogs makes you confused ;)

Too bad that store is so far away from me.
I would love to get a bit more artsy fartsy again ;)