100 Word Challenge #5

Home from the hospital just a few days before. Our son, named after me. He was so small and helpless. And Annie was nursing. They would lay abed. And she would suckle him. And I would be shushed to silence. I was seldom there when he was awake. I ached to hold him, to touch him, to bond with him. Finally came the call. "Will you change him?" At last. My time with him, alone. Diaper off. I turn away for a moment, reaching for a diaper. I feel warm wet falling on me. Just one of life's little lessons.

This in response to the 100 Word Challenge issued by VelvetVerbosity, where the subject is 'Lessons'.


eastcoastlife said...

Writing a story in 100 words... what a challenge!

haha.... your lesson reminds me of the few ones I had with my son.

Elizabeth said...

Great shorty story!! :)

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Oh I love this lesson!!!

We learnt this one very quickly too... shame it took more than one experience to learn it properly! LOL!

secret agent mama said...

I could write a book on this little lesson!!

I'm working on mine, and it should be up soon.. :D

Sandy C. said...

LOL! I love this 100 word challenge :) What a great story...hehe. Make s me want a little boy :)

I'm don't know if I could manage this challenge. I have a hard enough time counting 5-7-5 with haiku's ;)

Casdok said...

An interesting challenge.
And one of those life lessons we all learn! :)

Nicole said...

Oh, what a sweet story :D
Life's lessons are the greatest, no? :)

Will be back tomorrow to read the other entries.
My Internet is acting up today :(
(Only in the evenings and some times in the mornings, sigh)

LceeL said...

eastcoastlife, elissa : Thank you. A lesson in common, I see.

elizabeth: I shoulda been a writer!

mishi: I saw yours. Funny how attitudes make a difference in today's blogs. Ask Sandy C.

Sandy C: You do just fine, don't kid yourself.

Casdok: All of these 100 Word Challenges are just that - a challenge.

Nicole: So sorry you're still having bandwidth issues - but thanks for stopping by.

Velvet Verbosity said...

I had to chuckle, but I saw it coming! My (then) husband had the same experience. The nurse came in and laughed at the look on his face, and then told us that pretty much everytime cold air hit, that would happen. We learned that lesson right quick!

Erin said...

What a nice story.

I'm lucky, having girls, that I haven't had quite that lesson. But, both girls have tinkled on me. It becomes a mantra while changing "don't pee, don't pee, don't pee". Every once in a while it fails.

Kelley said...

LOL!!! Lucky it wasn't in your mouth. Don't yawn and change a boys nappy (diaper) at the same time.

Love the story, so image strong in so few words

tiff said...

A great life lesson and written so beautifully too.