I stood on her grave

We all know the names. Henry VIII. Catherine of Aragon. Anne Boleyn. And Jane Seymour. She gave Henry his heir. Edward VI. Henry had tired of his previous wives. He wanted a male heir and they had provided him none. But Jane. Jane did. And then died. From a fever contracted during childbirth. For three years Henry wore black. He is buried next to her. It is said that she, of all his wives, was remembered most fondly. Either because she had given him his heir, or because she died before he tired of her. But he is, after all, buried next to her.

I was touring Windsor Castle. I was in St. George's Chapel. I was staring in awe at the heraldry present in the Chapel. There, hanging from the ornate ceiling, were the 24 standards and crests of the original members of the Order of the Garter. And I was not allowed to take pictures. But I was in awe, nonetheless. As the group I was with began to move forward, I looked down at my feet to see my next step - the floor in the Chapel is uneven. There, written in metallic script embedded in the marble slab, was the name 'Jane Seymour'. I was standing on her grave. I was that close to history. All the names I had seen that day on tombs and statues, all the things I had heard and seen did not prepare me to stand on the grave of Jane Seymour.

Don't ask me why. I don't know. I just know that that moment of my life will remain burned in my memory forever. I stood on the grave of Jane Seymour.


Sandy C. said...

What a moving experience Lou. I can see what that will stay with you always. That is too bad you were not allowed to take photos.

Too bad Henry was unaware that creating a male heir was his responsibility.

LceeL said...

Moving. Good word. I really don't know how to describe it. I was stunned. I was moved. I have always been a history buff. Suddenly, there was a certain reality laid to a name I had known almost all my life.

the planet of janet said...

how cool!

Julie said...

Some of the Roman ruins have struck me like this. Being on the Chain Bridge over the Danube River in Budapest was pretty amazing for me, especially when I realized I hadn't even known where the hell the Danube was before that (other than somewhere in Europe, possibly...)

Can't wait to see some photos, Lou...London is top three favorite city for me (Firenze -- Florence to Americans -- is another).

Rebecca said...

So nice, Lou. I'm glad you're back. :)

Elizabeth said...

What an incredible experience! I think I would have been as equally as moved to have been so close to so much history. Will pictures be forthcoming?

I absolutely loved the comment you left for me about the birds. I trust that means that you are feeling better?

warriorwoman said...

wouldn't it be neat if you were actually the reincarnated Jane Seymour!!

Maddy said...

It seems that you've 'enjoyed' an incredible trip.