Home again, sick, and I don't mean perverted

It's Monday morning and I am home. Last night was the first night in my own bed in more than a week and boy - did it feel good. (Know what I mean? wink wink) I have caught a cold - I've been fighting it ever since last Monday. I am going to rest today, andsort photos and unpack and just kind of unwind a bit.

Full strenth blogging tomorrow. Promise.


moneythoughts said...

Welcome Home!

I hope you had fun. Sorry to hear you picked up a cold. Take care of it, don't play around.

Thanks for the nice comments about the sketches. I am not a photographer. I took those pictures in their frames with glass at an angle to keep any reflection out. In the future I will try to do better.

I hope you will talk about your trip. Did you get to any museums?


warriorwoman said...

travelling is fun, coming home feels like a reward.

I've travelled a lot.

england makes good chocolate.

welcome home

Nicole said...

Hope you feel better soon - welcome back!

tiff said...

Feel better soon.

Sandy C. said...

So glad to hear you're back! So sorry to hear you're sick :( Home is always the best medicine though. Hope you feel better soon.

GirlBlue said...

Sounds like homecoming was wonderful, welcome back to your part of the world.

Lady Language said...

Welcome back and take care of yourself! Can't wait to see your pictures :)