He's handsome

Zachary was home from school over the weekend. Fortunately, the school is only 25 miles from the house, so it's usually not too much of a deal to get him and bring him home for the weekend - it's kinda on the way home from work, anyway. Taking him back on Sunday evening gives us a chance to one on one for a while, although 'one' is more descriptive of the typical number of words in answer to almost any question I might pose. But we do manage to talk. Sometimes. I'm finding an Asbergers boy with a strange sense of humor hidden in there. But anyway, like I said, he was home for the weekend. And he needed a haircut. We went to our favorite restaurant for Sunday brunch and on the way home we stopped at Supercuts. And, after all, tomorrow is his birthday and we thought he should look nice for his birthday. Now for those of you that don't remember what Zach looks like, in this post just look for the teeth and ears located on the right. That picture was taken not long after a haircut, so you really don't see the shock of hair that this boy can grow -- seemingly on a moments notice. One day his hair is relatively short and the next day (or so it seems) it looks like his head exploded in a fountain of very dark brown, really thick, really curly hair. To top it off, he has multiple cowlicks, so he looks like he has a perpetual case of bed head. If he had red hair, he would look like a kitchen match that had just be struck. Anyway, we couldn't stand it anymore so he RELUCTANTLY agreed to the stop at Supercuts. To make a long story short, when the stylist was done, he actually looked GOOD. And he seemed to like looking in the mirror. Now all I have to do is convince him that the crap that's growing under his nose and the dewy fuzz that inhabits his jawline (which is turning dark) and the 'cute' little curlycues that are disturbingly apparent on his adam's apple all NEED TO BE MOWED DOWN on a regular basis. Soon. Hygiene is important. Cleanliness is next to godliness. And cleanliness is next to girls a lot quicker than unshaven smelliness. If I get to teach that boy one thing .....


BenefitScroungingScum said...

What a lovely family you have. And yes, you can assure Zach that we girls go for guys who smell good ;) BG

Allison said...

And cleanliness is next to girls a lot quicker than unshaven smelliness.

Wow....then love must really be blind! I'm not saying that T's smelly (not in the least---in fact, quite the opposite), but his hair can get very wild. He gets a haircut "every 6 months whether he needs it or not" (his words, not mine---well, with the pronoun properly changed). He'll shave his "beard" (even at 31, it's still pretty straggly), and he's got a moustache. I like it that way (even though his mom says he looks like an Arab. And his grandma...well,let's not go there, k?).

So---not all girls go for the neatly shaved. Or the perfectly placed hairhelmet. :-P

GirlBlue said...

Awww he's adorable any girl would gladly overlook a bit of stubble for that cute face

Anonymous said...

I just made an appointment for Ian's hair on Friday. I usually do it, but I wanted him to look super nice for his granny.

I will definitely be re-teaching Ian and Cameron the same things when they are teenagers too!

btw, I answered your question!

Julie said...

I have spent months convincing my daughter we need to trim her hair...it's almost to her waist, and the ends are damaged and snarl very easily and are raggedy. I finally convinced her, and so we will go get her hair cut and mine and Zach's...not Thor's though. He loves his long hair, and has spent forever growing out his bangs.

How many times do you have to say something to a kid before they hear it? Especially when you are talking about deodorant and hygiene and grooming...

Oh, yeah, I tagged you...for the seven random things meme. It's today's post.

Marita said...

And cleanliness is next to girls a lot quicker than unshaven smelliness.


Took me almost 6 months of dating to pluck up the courage to talk to my now husband about brushing his teeth regularly. Kissing is much more pleasant when teeth have been brushed within the last 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

It was torture for ABB to get used to water. He freaked. But he eventually learned that a shower was the ticket into spending time with others, and he grits his teeth and does it.

LceeL said...

bendy girl: Thanks. and he'll learn. One way or the other.

allison: Kinda works against the message I'm trying to impart to the boy. He'll find out what you say, as well, but I would rather he started out from a 'smell good' position and then modified it as necessary.

girlblue: I'm sure he's flattered. He will see this, I'm sure.

Siobhan: Thank you. Another vote for smelling good.

Julie: I have done the meme. It wasn't as painful as I thought. Now I have to pick my targets.

Marita: I'm 62 and I still have all my teeth. All of that tooth brushing over the years has paid off.

psychicgeek: Yes!! The old risk/reward thing. Very good. I'm sure he's happier for it.

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Zach's hair sounds just like Jack's when it gets long... we try and keep it as short as we can now that he copes a bit better with having it cut!!

And a big happy birthday to Zach!

Erin said...

I second everyone else's votes for the good smelling-ness in a guy. Girls are so much more willing to snuggle when the snuggle-er smells good. And is recently showered, shaved, etc.

secret agent mama said...

Lovely family, Lou! I just love the way you and your wife are holding hands in that pic. Awesomeness.

You have to introduce him to smell good. Smell good is good-good!!

Nicole said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Zach :D

And well, I think in MY younger years I would have gone for unshaven and long hair ;)

Now these days, I don't know, depends :D