Another busy day

There was a time (long ago in a galaxy far away), although I don't seem to be able to remember exactly when, when weekends were actually an opportunity to relax and take it easy. Do hobbies. Read a book. Study up on the latest computer stuff. Where the heck have those days gone?

I've gotten my painting varnished. Yay. I haven't made any real start on the new painting. Boo. Marilyn announced a new class. Yay. It doesn't start until April. Boo. I'm going to sign up tomorrow. Yay. I gotta wait until April. Boo. If you haven't cuaght on by now, I'm really not too happy about having to wait until April for the new class. But, on the brighter side, now that I have a date to work against, maybe I can get my second painting done before class starts so I can do a new one for class.

Well, that's settled then. Thanks. You guys have been a great help.

UPDATE: Look what I got!!! The lovely Maddy at Whitterer On Autism was kind enough to give me this and to say some really nice stuff about yours truly.

"lceel" is one of those creative types, and blogs every day! His insight is always refreshing and reminds me that there is always something new to learn. If you'd like to learn something new too then you could pop along to his posting called "The New Rome".


Nicole said...

Congratulations on the award.
And regarding the help, you are welcome ;)

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Well done on such a lovely award!

And I too am wondering where the 'relaxing' weekends have gone???