Wednesday 23 Jan

Another day has gone by and I haven't updated my painting. Actually, it's almost finished, the next update or two ought to be the last. I really should be getting ready to start the new one. So I don't know why I don't seem to be able to get this one done and the next one started. Too many distractions, I suppose. Distractions have always been a problem for me. That's why I like the controlled environment of the class. I can't allow myself to be distracted there - I have to work and make progress - I have to learn. Left to my own devices, it's harder for me to do any of those things. And I don't have a deadline to work against. That kind of thing usually prompts me to get whatever task I've been procrastinating my way through, finished.

Maybe I should hire a dominatrix to 'whip me, hurt me' if I don't get my stuff done.


Sandy C. said...

Uh oh.....sounds like your wife may be getting some unexpected gifts from you soon. Hope she likes leather ;)

Solomon Broad said...

Maybe I should hire a dominatrix to 'whip me, hurt me' if I don't get my stuff done.

Is that going to help or hinder?

domingom06 said...

or some ritalin?

jest kiddin

VelVerb said...

or maybe some ritalin?

Jest kiddin ;)

amanda said...

haha! I'm with Sandy! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Nicole said...

istractions...yeah, tell me about them.... ;)

Marita said...

Hmmm a dominatrix to whip you into working and perhaps tie you to the easel to make sure you don't run away.


Boneblower (Anita) said...

Well now, that's just a bigger reason not to get 'stuff done' lol :)

Creative people always get distracted - it's part of the burden we carry in supplying the world with artwork to appreciate.....or not!!

Seriously, just have fun and enjoy the process. Sounds like painting touches something within you that....oh shit, we're back to the dominatrix again!!

Just enjoy & I hope the art class pays off xox