Thursday Jan 17.

I have seen some blog conversations lately about monetizing. Apparently, some people actually expect to make money from blogging, and, also apparently, they do. Nice for them. Up until now, I have not taken those steps, at least, not for that reason. The AdSense stuff that's on this site is there so I can keep track of how many visitors I get. It's an ego thing, I guess. But I don't do it or this for money. In the months I've been doing this, I've made like 3 or 4 cents. And I'm okay with that. Like I said. Ego. Today, however, you will notice that there is a small Blick's banner on the left side of the blog. There is also one on the other blog. You know, the one where I post the changes to my painting. You know - NewAtArt(shameless plug).

There a couple of things I want to make clear. I am a big, BIG fan of Blick's. It's where I buy virtually all of my art supplies. Their staff are invariably friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Plus, the stores are clean and the prices are more than reasonable. The other thing is, that no matter whether I am compensated (which I will get to in a minute) or not, the banner link is going to stay. I want people to know about Blick's. Just that simple.

About the compensation thing. I have applied for their affiliate program. If I am accepted into the program, I will be compensated for purchases made by people who click on the banner link and wind up making an online purchase.

I believe in truth in advertising. Now you know the truth.


Marita said...

Thanks for the info Lou. I like the idea of advertising for something you believe in, like Blicks. What I hate is those noisy, flashing ads that distract from the content on a site.

Lady Language said...

If you can plug a company you like and make a few extra bucks, that's great - power to the bloggers! And I think it is respectful to let your readers know about it. And, as a fellow artist, I will check them out.