Third time is the charm

this is my third blog post today. The first two really don't count for much - I had to push them out in a hurry and there wasn't time to really BLOG. So if I don't do this one, I'll feel guilty - like I've cheated or something. Sometimes I hate that about myself.

George S. held his art class at the Blick's Store this evening. This is the class that was cancelled last week. I was there to assess his teaching manner and get an idea of what kind of artist he is. There is enough of his artwork hanging on the wall of the store (they hang work by their staff and customers in the store. One of the things I like about Blicks.) to demonstrate his ability as an artist - which is formidable. I am going to become his student. To that end, I am not going to start my new painting until I can do so under his tutelage. I am going to spend some time between now and then to finally decide just how I'm going to paint this new scene. As it is, if you've seen the picure on the other blog, which is here, you will have seen the picture as it WAS. It will not look that way going forward. I am going to reprint the picture and I'm going to bring the view in the picture down - so there is less (if any) sky visible and more of the water in the harbor, which will emphasize the reflections of the sailboat and the sunlit wall section in the harbor (which is interesting, whereas the sky is not).

Of course, I STILL have to finish the first one. But I will. I will.


Nicole said...

Cool - I'm glad you liked it and get the chance to join and learn!!!

Sandy C. said...

Very cool. Now I'm curious how this new painting will turn out with the new tools you'll be learning in the class :)

The new view sounds nice. Sounds like you'll be able to play a bit more with lighting and interest points...nice!