Saturday, January 12

Well, it's Saturday and there are places to go, people to see, a hundred different things I have to do. And, of course, last night I got lazy and didn't get to the painting - so the net is that I'm liable not to get anything done today and I didn't get anything done last night and boneblower thinks I'm going to give up on it and Holy Cow, Batman, it's like a CRISIS.

More later as details become available.

P.S. - notice the UTTERZ thing to the left. Click it and listen. And then tell me what you think.


Marita said...

Maybe a bit of time away from the painting will help you get some fresh perspective?

BTW, I've tagged you for a Meme, check my blog for details -

Nicole in Kuwait said...

Just take it easy. Some time off might be a good solution!!

Boneblower said...

I have faith that you won't give up :) Just don't lose heart ok xox

BTW, I've tagged you for a Meme too - come and check it out.

Casdok said...

I thought the Utterz thing was really clever, but like you - not for me!